Should You Buy Backlinks For Your Business Blog in 2023?

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Should You Buy Backlinks For Your Business Blog in 2023?

2023 is bringing lots of changes in the SEO world, particularly when it comes to improving your website’s rankings with Google, the largest search engine in the world, and if you want to rank on the first page of Google, you need solid top-quality backlinks.

From its very beginnings of operation and world dominance, Google has always used links and specific algorithms to evaluate and rank information and websites in its Google search results.

However, in recent years, Google has started to make several changes to offer its online audience the best and highest quality results. Because Google has one main goal – to provide the best and most targeted answers for its countless worldwide users so it remains the number one search engine.

In order to be systematically the largest and most reliable search engine for all Internet users, Google uses this series of algorithms that help it analyze, explore and appraise in depth the overall quality, usefulness and whole of content of web pages published in the digital environment. By doing this, Google is able to single out the best quality websites, so that it can recommend them directly and quickly to its online audience, with the answers they are looking for through its Google searches.

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According to the relevant information that Google has published and provided itself, its algorithm series considers a variety of factors, including search keywords, the quality of websites and the sources from which it is enhanced and certified, the search location, the speed of the pages, the settings of the devices from which users make a Google search. Although most of the modifications are often minuscule and fairly unnoticed, occasionally Google puts in place changes that really alter the general way that search engines work.

And Google claims that it doesn’t really like buying links – they prefer natural links which are when you have no say or influence when someone links to your particular website. Google’s quality guidelines say that great quality and highly relevant content will lead to people linking to it on their own, and this is what they would call ‘white hat’ link building. Some link-building services will opt you into buying links through various link schemes, but they usually lack high domain authority and the type of link may be wrong for your content.

What changes is Google implementing to its algorithms?

Google has just released its June core Google algorithm update, which it does every few months.  And like with any Google algorithm update, your website’s rankings may go up, down, or remain stable.

Because the web is growing, sites are changing, and quality content is being constantly published, keeping Google on its toes. Google says “as new sites emerge and the web changes, continued updates are key to ensuring we’re supporting a wide range of publishers, creators and businesses while providing searchers with the best information available.”


Google’s algorithm affects backlinks too… A backlink is any link that leads from one web page to another and can be a follow link or no-follow link. More specifically, a backlink, also known as an incoming link, is a link located on a foreign website and leads people to visit your website. In contrast, if the link is on your website and leads to an external one, it’s then known as an outgoing link or follow links.

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The success of your website needs to have high-ranking SEO and backlinks to drive organic traffic. Google pays great attention to these hyperlinks, when and if they are quality and useful for the website. In the 2021 Google algorithm upgrades, backlinks are the third most important factor among all the others that will hugely affect your website rankings. They are therefore important.

So, link building is an SEO technique that helps your audience find an informative blog post and articles on the internet through other webpages, and they also help brands be found across the enormous amount of content available online. SEO link building involves getting other pages to link back to a particular webpage to:

  • Drive traffic to a content asset and generate sales and revenues
  • Helps a search engine crawl the web to find and rank your website/page

Link Building

So, backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. And backlinks typically come from what is known as a referring domain which may generate tens of thousands of back links.

The position of the links on your site is important also. They can be found in the anchor text, on a blog, within a post, and in other places on your site.

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Earning high-quality backlinks is a very difficult part of SEO process and is usually only secured through curating high-quality content, but it is an essential part of ranking high with search engines. The links strategy, or link profile, part of which being the backlinks strategy as part of your overall seo campaign accounted for 18-21 rankings obtained in 2020, which is why it’s worth looking at. A backlinks’ strategy is the approach used for managing your backlinks and obtaining new backlinks.

Of course, there are many benefits to using a link-building strategy around generating natural links without buying backlinks which include:

  • Outreach including blogger outreach: you’ll save lots of time not having to scour the internet for relevant sites, and then contacting them to see if they’ll link to you.
  • No financial layout: You won’t have to pay for link building tools to help manage your outreach, you can just focus on your high quality content writing.
  • Fantastic results: natural links will happen if you write great content. Sites will want to link back to your site where you can provide quality links.

Therefore, link building is a great SEO strategy, if done correctly. Try to avoid black hat seo techniques to increase your traffic.

So, Why Are Backlinks Important?

Google and other major search engines look at backlinks as ‘votes’ for a specific page – and pages with a high number of quality backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings.

Backlinks are therefore viewed as important because they:

·      Help improve your website’s rankings

·      Help put quality content into context

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 Website owners find that high quality links are still a fundamental part of an effective SEO performance plan because they are seen as the foundation of Google’s original Page Rank algorithm.

Should You Buy Backlinks?

Backlinks to your website can help you gather traffic, build industry credibility, and help your brand rank higher on search engines such as Google. That’s why it is essential to make link building a part of your SEO plan because backlinks are still a major ranking signal for search engines. Go for quality and not black hat as that could attract a Google penalty.

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The research found that almost all of the web pages with high page rank had external, high-quality links directed at them. And, having high-quality written content without directly building natural links isn’t the best digital marketing strategy when you consider there are roughly 4 million posts every day… What’s worth thinking about is that the quality and quantity of natural links that will affect your web page’s or post rankings within search results and your overall search engine optimization, as a result.

Link Buying

Seo experts tell you that you’ll find that the more difficult it is to obtain a high-quality backlink, the higher its value becomes. Having high-quality backlinks can totally benefit your websites – and the idea that you can buy quality backlinks is also a popular one, but a backlink that is paid for directly has little to no quality in the eyes of most search engines, including Google and you might get penalized if you’re caught paying.

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While the user sees only a part of the link, the search engine sees the entire hyperlink structure, including the ones in your anchor text and extracts useful data from it. So, where can you buy quality backlines? From the website, owners who can buy links from reputable brands in your niche and increase your domain rating, of course. As long as your backlinks have relevance to your website, it’s okay to buy them.

What is Backlink Buying?

You may have heard of buying backlinks but you may not be sure whether you should do it yourself.

Buying a backlink is a SEO technique and refers to any time that you pay another website to add a link of any type back to yours. It is a safe process to grow your domain rating, as long as your provider follows a white hat and not a black hat SEO approach which means they follow the rules and regulations when buying backlinks.

These buying backlink techniques could include:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Guest posting
  • Link placements (or niche edits)
  • Product reviews for your target audience
  • Any link that you paid to have published on another site.
  • As prices rise, more companies attempt to bring it in-house.

If you want to rank high in Search Engine Performance Rankings (SERPs), which is Google’s response to a user’s search query, then you need to have high quality back links.

Think about it – surely most people would rather buy a back link from a quality, experienced website rather some random person’s site? This concept is known as domain authority or high da. In a nutshell, the more authority a site has, the more authority it can pass on to your site via a link.

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Google has become extremely experienced over the years at working out what links have been bought, and from where. Most of the time, if they don’t like it, they’ll penalise you by ignoring the SEO value that the link could have passed onto your website and it may impact on your traffic. However, they may penalize your website in more detrimental ways if they find you’re doing it a lot.

Buying Backlinks – Quality Backlinks

For faster and better results for back linking you could call upon the experts – when buying links, you could outsource this role to a provider with a staff who is skilled in link building services. Most of these outreach companies have solid relationships with reputable bloggers in almost every niche. They’ve usually also tested various link-building strategies and therefore know which works better for what industry. This means you’ll be able to focus on other areas of SEO such as the content ideas, creation, and of course, all-important optimization. Combining efforts from all different parties means you’ll get SEO results faster.


When approaching sites to buy backlinks, you should protect your brand’s integrity with certain rules and requirements. You should also consider buying links, because if your competitors are buying – you simply can’t afford to.

But should you buy back links from just any old where – the simple answer is NO. Remember that you’ll get what you pay for, and high-quality backlinks are expensive because they’re hard to get. But the opposite is true as well, and low-quality links are inexpensive because they’re easy to obtain. 

And you have to be careful not to overdo it when you buy backlinks, a domain authority is a measurement based on how many backlinks your website domain has — and it’s a metric that is very easy to manipulate by bombarding a website with paid links.

What is Backlink Buying?

Let’s be honest, website owners buy backlinks as a form of common practice, and there are a large number of great reasons you should consider it too:

  • Easier outreach: reaching out to other websites asking for a link takes a lot of time and money especially if you use a tool to help manage it. Finding websites that accept paid links can make the process a lot quicker.
  • Results: getting a post published or link added to websites usually goes much faster. This gets quicker results to improve your Google rankings.
  • Competition: it’s common practice to pay for links especially in some industries – if your competitors are doing it, then you should do it too.

The important thing is link relevance which is when you buy quality backlinks that are highly relevant to your website. Google state that relevance and quality are what they care about the most – they really dislike the low quality, and irrelevant links which is why you should avoid these. This is why buying links is really effective.

So, backlinking and link building are the processes of getting other websites to link to and back to your site. Backlink buying can take many different forms and shapes depending on how it’s done, who does it, and for what purpose…

Buying backlinks can therefore be in the form of:

  • Guest posts
  • Follow links
  • Links in anchor text
  • Sponsored posts
  • Niche edits or link placement
  • Product reviews
  • Paying for a link to be published in another site

Where Can You Buy Backlinks?

There are many agencies out there selling links, they pop up on the web and even social media.

You can buy backlinks from the following agencies who can build backlinks for you, however if the backlinks aren’t of good quality, they can put your website at risk:

  • Brokers
  • Manual outreach
  • Webmasters & contributors
  • PBNs

If you want paid links from high-authority sites it will inevitably be more expensive, but you’ll increase your organic traffic and increase your search engines’ rankings – making this a win, win situation. You should take your time to check the different backlink prices and only commit to buying quality backlinks that you can afford. 

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When you are considering the cost of buying backlinks, there are a number of factors you should include in the overall cost – the most-up-to-date research believes that the average cost of backlinks in 2021 is around $350 up to $500 for a do-follow link from a high authority website.

2023 – the Future

Should you be buying backlinks in 2023? Yes, you definitely should be, as long as they are of good quality. Because backlinks still work in 2023 – and it doesn’t matter whether they are paid links or natural backlinks – the most important thing is the quality of backlinks…

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