How To Download Youtube Videos

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How To Download Youtube Videos

Looking for how to download youtube videos?

With so many ways to download and access youtube videos on demand, I created this resource with the latest methods on how to download youtube videos, and save YouTube videos for offline viewing. It can sometimes be confusing.

download youtube video

YouTube is still the go-to destination for uploading and watching videos and enjoying downloaded videos, with more than a billion hours of content uploaded every day.

Is downloading youtube videos legal?

While some people might think they’re in the safe territory when it comes to downloading YouTube clips off the site–after all how can you copyright something that didn’t originally exist on physical media? –the reality couldn’t be further from what many assume;

Legal issues aside (which will be discussed below), there are also privacy concerns related to this topic because who owns rights over your own footage once it’s been shared online.?

This includes downloading in formats such as MP4 or AVI, which will allow users to preserve their favourite moments and edit them later if needed!

Download Youtube Videos Step By Step

Now available to Youtube premium subscribers, the paid version of Youtube videos is unlimited downloads. The only problem is the downloads are all in 1080 format and not 4K.

There are many different options for downloading YouTube videos, but I recommend 4K Video Downloader. The 4k video downloader will certainly do the job.

Using the 4k video downloader it takes only seconds to find what you’re looking for on their site, and then it only requires one click before your desired youtube video link is ready to download the video.

If you’re looking for a tool to download YouTube videos in various formats and resolutions, 4K Download is worth checking out.

youtube 3

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, you get great features like batch downloading or saving playlists with ease.

There are also fast speeds on local storage and cloud providers like Dropbox.

In addition, this program supports over 50 languages when downloading subtitles from Google Video. So no matter what country your viewers come from, they will be able to understand everything going down right inside their browser window (even if it’s Mandarin!).

While there are many factors to consider when downloading YouTube videos, one of the essential aspects is quality.

The converted file must have standard video resolution for excellent viewing and accessibility on different devices – especially mobile ones! It’s great to choose specific resolutions like 360p (low), 720×400(medium) or 1080P HD.

Let’s look at some other products you can use to simplify and organise your video downloads.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader Free Video Downloader for PС macOS and Linux 4K Download 2022 03 11 16 33 17

Multi-lingual 4K Downloader (4KVD) is frequently updated and features clear download links on the program’s website; no ad traps here. The software does what it advertises in a simple interface. It grabs videos up to 8K in quality and downloads to plenty of formats.

The 4KVD YouTube downloader is a great way to get videos from the world’s largest video-sharing site.

Simply copy and paste any URL, or select one of your subscriptions in their playlist mode for easy access.

With this tool you can also grab subtitles on demand as well as entire playlists – there are limited sites supported including big names like Vimeo Facebook, etc., but they cover most needs.

The free version has 30 downloads per day maximum while premium offers unlimited usage at the low-Resolution quality (SD).

4KVD has a built-in Smart Mode that can automatically download and playback videos in different formats.

It’s free, but you need to purchase the paid version if your goal is larger quantities or subscriptions from YouTube channels for instant downloads of their latest content.

VLC Media Player played back these files without any issues!

Video Proc Converter

Video Proc

The VideoProc is a great tool for converting videos on the go, with its powerful editing features and ability to download content. It’s also worth checking out if you want an easy-to-use solution that does most jobs in one package.

There are two ways you can use the Downloader.

The first is to open up the software, let it detect what hardware will be present on your system (if anything) and then click ‘Download’. There’s also an option for adding video URLs at once which makes downloading easier than ever.



FlixGrab is a bit different from other movie streaming services because it has overlapping features.

For example, you can download FliX GrabMS (through the Microsoft Store) which works on Windows 10/11 – but when I tried to grab videos from YouTube in this program they wouldn’t let me do so.

The FlixGrab program is one of the most easy-to-use and functional video downloaders on the market.

It’s perfect for those looking to download YouTube videos, which it does with speed!

But there are some downsides like other sites – this free version only works at certain websites (like YouTube) but not all; plus you need their paid subscription if your goal would be high-quality downloads rather than lower resolution ones.

5K Player

5K Player

The 5KPlayer is more than just a downloader, but it does have one of the best integrated downloading features out there.

You won’t get viruses or any pesky ads on your computer while you’re using this program.

In fact if anything asks for personal information like name and email address then we think that’s pretty legit.

Plus with over 300 sites where videos can be found legally within 10 minutes (including YouTube), everyone should have no trouble accessing 4k video content without having to register beforehand.

The program does try to hide some things when downloading.

Paste in the URL for a YouTube video and it’ll only show you three download options, rather than all those other weird sites where malware can be downloaded from.

This player is great for converting videos so they can easily fit into the device of your choice.

The 5K Player supports Airplay, which means you won’t have any problems streaming them to an Apple TV or iPhone.

However it did not like playing back files larger than 4GB – we tested this successfully with both VLC media player (which had no issues) as well as our own custom-built software designed specifically around testing these types of large video formats

I’m happy how quickly everything loads on start-up too; seconds instead of minutes when using other players.

Youtube Video Downloader

Youtube Video Downloader

The Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader makes it easy to download any video you are watching on the website.

It has excellent side-loading capabilities, so even if there is no button below or embedded into your browser window for this addons feature it’s still accessible through context menu options when clicking certain things like “Save As”.

The supported quality of videos can go up 8K and will help convert audio from within them too! You’ll also be able to take screenshots easily with just one click–all in all making sure every moment gets saved without hassle whatsoever.

Mobile Device Downloading Youtube Videos


One of the biggest obstacles to watching YouTube on your phone or tablet is that Google has a tight grip over it.

The company offers its own paid service called “YouTube Premium,” which allows you to download videos for offline viewing and other features not available with normal accounts from other providers such as Netflix.

With Android, it is possible to install apps without going through Google.

For example InsTube – Free Video and Music Downloader for added flexibility in finding videos or songs from any website.

It can only be found at its site because they don’t want people downloading them directly on their phone runs however you’ll have access once downloaded onto your device as long as there isn’t another security setting that says ‘Unknown sources’ disabled which needs turning off first before installing anything outside of play store

Download videos

You may want to download and save videos in multiple formats within your file manager.

Having various options, like MP3 or FLAC, will allow you more flexibility when deciding what kind of audio/video content on the internet suits you best.

Using the URL Address Bar From Youtube

Youtube url

You can download videos from YouTube by copying and pasting their links into any browser.

Enter your desired URL in this box here  (or on another tab) to start the process. Some websites will also have buttons saying “Go” download.”

To copy and paste the URL for conversion, make sure you have downloaded and installed a downloadable tool on your computer.

Once it’s running, there are similar options as before, such as “copy” or ‘cut’.

Alternative YouTube apps are available in the Google Play Store or with different smartphones.

If downloading from Vimeo for offline viewing, there’s a range of other options to choose from too.

Video Quality & File Format

There are many ways to download videos from YouTube.

Youtube 1

For instance, y2mate lets you choose the format and size of your desired file before downloading it onto your computer or mobile device.

Feel free to choose where in specific on-demand directories or even create a folder just for downloaded files to make all their locations more organized and convenient.

One thing I would recommend when using this tool abroad, though – if possible use VPN service because most programs emphasize downloading based on one’s IP address instead URL entered into the input field during the signup process (which means it’ll show up as “Region)

Download Youtube Videos Directly

Youtube 4

Youtube video

You do not have to use YouTube downloading tool.

It’s pretty easy to download videos directly from youtube.

Here are the steps:

1) Head towards The Video on your browser and open it up in front of you,

2). Add “ss” In The URL by editing www., youtube(dot)com after entering.

3) Go to the download.

You can also choose between various formats (MP4) and quality levels for audio and video files.

Once you press the Download button, it will take less than 2 seconds to get everything downloaded onto a server so that we have enough space left on here to store more videos from other users who want them also downloading at any given time.

Download Youtube Videos With A Browser Add On

Browser add on

To save your favourite YouTube videos for offline use, there are a variety of add-ons available on the market.

These tools come with various features that you can choose from depending upon what suits best in terms of style and simplicity to how much storage space they will require from your device’s RAM before being saved locally onto it – all without sacrificing any quality.

Choose an Add-on

There’s a variety of options available to download YouTube videos.

Some work best with Firefox, Chrome or Safari, while others can be used as stand-alone tools – here is one example called ‘Video Downloader’.

When downloading a new browser add-on, make sure you select the right one for your system.

The process is simple in Opera, and it’s more or less the same across other browsers.

To install an extension such as Opera, click on “Add To Opera” this option displays green colour, then download it carefully before proceeding further as some errors may occur if not done correctly with proper attention.

Opera extension

Go to and find the video you want, then click on it for the download option from the top right corner (for Opera users).

After installing this extension -you get some more choices:

Quick Download;

Download Panel Conversion Tool Settings.

Next, choose “Quick Download”, which will have your preferred choice ready within seconds.

Most add-ons provide you with a variety of options to save the video.

Choices range between multiple formats and various qualities that can be downloaded and viewed on your device or posted online for others to see.

A pop up will appear during download choice asking what preferences are needed most often, so we recommend choosing carefully before getting started because there’s no going back once things have been committed.

These files won’t transfer over if changed later, though, which means taking extra care when making crucial decisions about how they’ll look at entering new markets like YouTube where content needs constantly evolve.

Download Youtube Videos with a Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop

VD is another easy way when you want to download a YouTube video.

Here’s how it works:

First, head on over The Youtube Video and search for your desired content in order, then press enter when Found!

Once loaded onto the page, click “Enter” at the bottom right corner of the screen.

This will start playing automatically (or, if not, just wait 20 seconds).

Once begun, tap either left or right arrow keys until the fullscreen button appears, the

hinting centre top becomes visible again.

So, go ahead and choose the video format that will work for you.

You can also decide on qualities like HD or SD.

The important thing here is making sure they have good quality since this could affect playback later when transferring them into an app like VD YouTube.

Download Youtube Videos With VLC Player

VLC Player

If you don’t have the VLC media player in your computer system, download it.

The application is secure and makes downloading YouTube videos more straightforward than ever before.

Head To YouTube Video & Copy The URL.

Head to YouTube and open the video you want to download. Next, copy the URL of the video

Open VLC Media Player.

Ideally, you shouldn’t wait for this step to open the VLC media player.

You should keep it open on the taskbar for your benefit.

When you open the VLC media player, head over to the ‘Media’ option and click on it.

Next, select Open Network Stream from within that menu (if using Windows) or choose FILE >OPEN NETWORK when working with macOS.

Paste your copied URL for YouTube videos in this field

Hit Play

Showcodec information will appear, which allows us access through different formats,s including HD 1080P

vlc media player 3.0.17

The format is always identified three-letterer acronym corresponding to its type


Each file has an associated identification number. Unfortunately, there’s no way at present of knowing what these codes mean

You need to copy the information from the location text box at the bottom page.

This step is pretty straightforward for Windows users, but if you’re a Mac user, there are extra steps involved in getting it done.

First, right-click on your mouse and select the “Open URL” option instead, which will bring up another window where all we have to do now just put our desired video link into that field below called ‘Data’ after having copied any necessary data such as title/resolution etc.

The video will now start downloading.

The default format is an MP4 file, and the default title would be ‘video playback

Once it gets downloaded, simply save it with other videos in your library!

Download Youtube Videos On Mobile Devices

Downloading a video to your phone can be tricky, but two simple ways will make it easier for you.

video on mobile

You could use InsTube if you have an Android device and want something quick with no fuss.

Secondly, download videos directly from YouTube through their site by clicking the downward arrow next to “height” under file size (this option only applies when downloading individual clips).

For iPhone & IO

The first option is to get the official YouTube Premium app.

This will allow you to download and watch videos right on your phone within this particular application, which I highly recommend because it has music capabilities!

You can also save them for offline viewing if needed- something else worth considering when downloading video content or watching online streams (especially since some networks don’t always have adequate bandwidth).

Another way to download YouTube videos on your phone is through Apple AirDrop.

Simply connect the two devices, transfer files from the computer side into the mobile device’s “Books” app (or anywhere else), open up that specific video page in iTunes or particular other media player of choice.

YouTube FAQ:

Is Downloading Videos Legal?

There’s nothing criminal about downloading YouTube videos, but it is against their terms of service.

However – certain royalty-free content on the site with appropriate licenses is legal to download!

YouTube states, “You shall not copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, or otherwise exploit any Content for any other purposes without the prior written consent of YouTube or the respective licensors of the Content.”

YouTube has just announced that they will be cracking down on users who download their videos.

The new rule will go into effect soon, so if you want to access the site’s thousands of TV shows and movies without having an account or being logged in with Google Drive.

What Is Youtube Batch Loading?

YouTube batch downloading uses programs and browser extensions to download many different YouTube videos simultaneously.

This can be done by either saving them onto your computer’s hard drive or playing back through web browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc., allowing you not to have interruptions while watching individual clips.


There are so many different ways to download videos from YouTube.

I recommend using 4K Download because it’s the best tool for quality and MP3 conversions!



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