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Searching for a web hosting service is not just about the specs – it’s about finding the best deal. For those looking for an economical yet efficient hosting provider, Hostinger is an excellent option. This beginner-friendly platform is reliable and will only set you back around $3 monthly.

Hostinger - Fast Web Hosting

In this post, we have test-driven the top hosting providers looking at value for money, customer service, site speed, set-up, and downtime.
See our results below

Web Hosting with a Low Cost for the Majority


Optimal Choice for Many

If you’re looking for great value for your money, you can go right by hosting your website with Hostinger. Not only will you have unlimited storage and access to plenty of features, but you’ll also get speedy site performance and a straightforward setup process. Get the most out of your limited budget with Hostinger!

No matter the introductory or promotional pricing for shared hosting, you can always depend on Hostinger to be competitively priced. Their plans are typically around $3 each month, and if you only need their basic package for one website, you’ll get an even better rate.

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It’s okay to lose out on performance or ease of use when you pay a low price. 

During our trials, the Hostinger site loaded quickly, and their customer service reps were helpful when we asked them questions. To top it off, their renewal fees are some of the most economical in web hosting.

Looking for Affordable Web Hosting? Check Out These Golden Nuggets!

We have listed the cream of the crop of cost-effective web hosting services, which we have carefully studied. These three selections are likely to satisfy most customers and their requirements.

Hostinger provides top-notch performance in their shared servers for a meagre cost. You can join today, starting at just $2.59 per month.

You don’t need to sign up for a long-term commitment to reap the benefits of Bluehost’s lowest-priced web hosting. 

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Take advantage of the most affordable month-to-month hosting options available from Bluehost today.

SiteGround offers 24/7 assistance from an experienced team of professionals who can provide exceptional customer support. Their reliable service is available for as low as $2.99 a month.

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When It is Logical to Choose Low-Cost Web Hosting

Before fabricating a website, a place is needed to keep all the files that will comprise the site. This is necessary for everyone to have access to all of it. 

This is where web hosting can be beneficial; it provides a server (or a portion of a server) where the site files can be saved and viewed through a web browser.

When picking a web host, numerous options are available: from shared plans to full VPS hosting packages, cloud services, dedicated servers, and even reseller plans to permit the selling of hosting to others. 

Of those, shared plans and unmanaged VPS packages are the least expensive.

Best Web Hosting For Designers

An idea that could be beneficial has free hosting services.

The catch with free web hosting is that you get little in return for what you’re not paying. Of course, it may seem like a great bargain initially – and who wouldn’t want to take advantage of something free?

Nevertheless, a few drawbacks to free web hosting services could make them unacceptable for those committed to their website.

Initially, you will have a minimal amount of storage and bandwidth. As your website becomes more popular and visits increase, it can slow down or even completely crash. Moreover, many free web hosting services will advertise your page to generate income.

Neither of these actions will provide a good impression to those who visit your website.

The biggest drawback to free web hosting is a need for more control over the site. It’s usually not possible to employ your domain name, the design and functions of the free website itself are highly limited, and you need more authority regarding the website’s security.

On top of the great bad news, free web hosting services are not motivated to ensure your website runs at its best.

In certain situations, free web hosting is acceptable.

 For instance, if you need a platform to express yourself occasionally or create a website just for a short-term event, then the disadvantages of free web hosting deals aren’t a major problem.

To create a website that appears professional and can draw in visitors and generate revenue, it is wise to abstain from using free or cheap web hosting services only.

If you are creating a new website or transitioning from a free hosting and are on a restricted budget, then you are in luck! 

You can spend a little bit of money to get good web hosting. We have tried and tested multiple hosts and would love to share our knowledge.

#1 – Hostinger — Optimal Affordable Web Hosting 


Hostinger is a web hosting platform that offers a range of services to users. It provides various hosting packages and is a great choice for those looking to get their website up and running. 

The platform is easy to use and provides users with all the tools they need to get their website up and running quickly. 

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The customer service team is also helpful and responsive, making it a great choice for users of all experience levels.

Optimal for a Majority

If you’re looking for many features and good performance but have limited funds, Hostinger is the perfect solution. Get everything you need to launch a website, plus swift loading speeds and an effortless setup. You won’t find a better way to get the most out of your money.

Start your journey now.

If you want reliable, fast, and easy hosting but don’t want to spend a lot, Hostinger is the best option. Not only does it offer great value for money, but it also provides unbeatable performance and value. It’s our top pick for those looking for the highest quality at the most affordable price.

For those just starting, Hostinger offers the same quality as a more expensive provider but at a significantly reduced price. To get more information about this service, we created an in-depth review.

Hostinger’s performance in the six main categories is rated as follows:

  1. Initial Expense = 5/5
  2. Renewal Charges = 5/5
  3. Registration Process = 4/5
  4. Site Speed = 4/5
  5. Client Assistance = 2.67/5
  6. Server Availability = 1/5

Cost 5/5 – Hostinger offers shared hosting plans from only $1.99 monthly with a four-year commitment or $2.99 monthly for twelve months. 

hostinger splash

This is a small price for the quality of service you receive–it’s like one latte from Starbucks monthly.

Hostinger’s entry-level hosting plan includes all the necessities besides a domain name. Therefore, you’ll need to purchase it separately. You can do so either through Hostinger or one of our suggested domain registrars.

When purchasing a domain name through Hostinger, the cost is $8.99 per year, plus an additional $5 for domain protection. We strongly suggest domain protection if you register using personal information (phone number, full name, and address), as it hides your contact info in the WHOIS domain registration database. If you are registering as a business, it is not as necessary as your business info is already public.

For only $49.87, you get all the essentials, such as the upfront costs, a domain name, and a year’s worth of protection. That’s less than fifty bucks for a full package!

In the basic plan, you will receive:

  • A website of your own
  • An email dedicated to your domain
  • A free and secure SSL certificate
  • Easy installation of WordPress with a single click
  • Round-the-clock customer service

You can select a monthly plan rather than paying for a year at once.

If you’re considering a month-by-month payment option–Hostinger requires an initial fee of $4.99 when you select a month-to-month plan. The cost for each month also increases to $9.49. This could be beneficial for short-term projects. However, paying for a year upfront is more affordable.

At a price tag that is much lower than most web hosts, Hostinger offers tremendous advantages. Their straightforward pricing makes it ideal for those who need to watch their budget.

Renewal Rates 5/5 – Hostinger provides the lowest renewal costs compared to other hosts we checked – just $5.99 each month after the first year, with the requirement of payment for the 12 months upfront.

hostinger renewal prices

For your second year of hosting, you can get it for only $71.88. This is much cheaper than the initial cost of some of the other services on this list, making it an outstanding bargain.

Though it costs twice as much as Hostinger’s promotions, the starting price is so low that it makes them the most sensible choice in the long and short term.

If you’re searching for a hosting provider that won’t bankrupt you with sky-high renewal rates, Hostinger is the answer. Rely on their dependable and cost-effective fees for the duration of your account.

An Easy Onboarding Process – When we utilised Hostinger for setting up our website, the entire experience was user-friendly. 

Each step was clearly outlined, from the initial checkout to t, the onboarding process. This made the process straightforward, even for those who have never built a website.

It is remarkably straightforward in the normally complex domain of web hosting companies. You will be greeted after you pick your subscription, review your options, and confirm your services

hosting onboard

Once you hit “Start Now”, you’ll pick a theme and commence a step-by-step website setup process. There are a variety of quality selections to choose from–but don’t dwell here. It is possible to modify the theme at a later date.

The most important aspects of design are functionality, structure, and flow rather than the colours, appearance, and atmosphere.

Initiating the process with Hostinger is a breeze – smooth sailing so far.

Once you have arrived at your hosting dashboard, you can monitor your plugins, handle your email, and add or subtract domain names.

You can have WordPress, a theme, and the basic configurations ready in minutes.

Once you’re finished, Hostinger ensures that you have a fully-functioning website. They guide you through the procedure step-by-step, making it nearly impossible not to have a website once you’re done. 

It’s as easy as following these three steps, making it simple and incredibly quick to have a website ready to go from nothing.

Due to an unforeseen cost, one point still needs to be earned. However, the sign-up process was quite simple.

Considering site speed, one may ask, “Is Hostinger swift?” 4/5 Website Speed Rating provides an answer.

We conducted a one-month site speed test ourselves without relying on outside data. We created a demonstration site with a freshly installed WordPress and monitored the server response time at one-minute intervals for 30 days.

Our website underwent 43,000 inquiries over a month to assess the server’s responsiveness.

Our research yielded the following:

gtmetrix report

Through our analysis of the data, we discovered a few insights:

  • Hostinger had an impressive response time of 670 milliseconds, which is much lower than the average of 745 milliseconds of all the hosts we tested
  • There were occasional spikes to two seconds, but this is not something to worry about considering the shared hosting environment.

The velocity of Hostinger is not the most rapid among the services we tested, but it is above average. It supplies a speed equal to more costly services, so there’s no need to pay more for the same calibre of performance.

Hostinger’s pricing is very affordable, and this comes with great speed.

Customer Support Rating: 2.67/5 – To evaluate customer support, we contacted Hostinger’s support team three times for a first-hand experience.

We tested their live chat and asked queries regarding security enhancement, setting up an email address for the domain, and increasing the speed. Each time, we had to wait for 30 minutes before receiving any answer.

The reactions we got were positive. However, the majority of companies replied within five minutes.

It’s worth mentioning that Hostinger offers customer service exclusively through chat or email. They don’t have a phone support option. 

Phone support wasn’t one of the criteria we used to evaluate customer service (we only considered chat), so if you prefer talking to a live person to get help, you’re out of luck.

Customer support from Hostinger has been rated below average due to its slow response times. Even though the support team is ready to assist customers, they may have to wait a while before answering their questions.

Uptime of Server 1/5 – Hostinger could have done better in this area. They advertise a dependable 99.99% uptime, yet our research yielded a different outcome.

For thirty days, their uptime was 99.68%, the least among the other hosting services; the total amount of time offline was 2 hours, 22 minutes, and 22 seconds.

Hostinger data center server locations

Hostinger’s score of one out of five in this category is due to the excessive amount of downtime experienced, with a single period of over 30 minutes.

Think about all of the potential visitors and chances that are missed when there is prolonged inactivity such as this.

In a single month, 58 separate occurrences were recorded that caused the website to become inaccessible due to connection timeouts. This is rather alarming.

This provider has significantly more downtime incidents than the others on the list.

When you attempt to access too many resources at once from the server, connection timeouts can occur. This will make your browser unable to display the webpage (a common issue for people using shared web hosting).

The sheer magnitude of occurrences suggests that there is a website on the same server that is consuming excessive resources or that the server is hosting a far greater number of sites than it can handle.

Hostinger does not manage resources on its shared servers, thus reducing the worth of its cost-effective hosting.

Regarding affordable web hosting, Hostinger stands out from the competition due to its unbeatable pricing, lightning-fast website speed (ensuring that visitors stay on your page and don’t leave) and effortless website setup.

When comparing costs, Hostinger is the most economical choice for the first year and maintains the lowest renewal rate.

#2 – DreamHost – Economical Monthly Web Hosting


DreamHost is a web hosting provider that offers a range of services to customers. It allows users to create their websites, manage databases, and utilise other features to host content. 

Additionally, the platform offers various services to help customers get the most out of their website.

The Most Cost-Effective Monthly Plans

Are you concerned about signing up for a prolonged agreement? DreamHost has the most affordable month-to-month payment alternatives offered. Plans begin at $4.95 a month for a single website with free, unlimited traffic and no contract. 

web hosting

All plans include a complimentary SSL certificate and WordPress already installed.

Start using [our service] for $4.95 – Click Here.

A final rating of 3.7 out of 5 was awarded.

The most economical solution we discovered was the month-to-month plans offered by DreamHost. 

Any agreement does not bind these plans, so no long-term obligation exists. Contrary to what one might expect, dependable web hosting does not have to be costly and require extended contracts.

DreamHost is ideal if you need more time to commit to a lengthy period. 

The following is a breakdown of DreamHost’s performance in each of the tested areas:

  1. Initial Expense = 5/5
  2. Renewal Prices = 4/5
  3. Onboarding Procedure = 2/5
  4. Site Speed = 2/5
  5. Customer Assistance = 3.3/5
  6. Server Uptime = 5/5

Upfront Expenses 5/5 – Perfect for those who desire large discounts without any obligation, no contracts that last for the long term, and no additional costs, DreamHost is the ideal choice.

dreamhost 1

Two beginning plans are available from them.

A one-month hosting plan costs $4.95, and a domain for the year is an additional $7.99, bringing the total to $12.94 for the first month. The subsequent two months are then charged at $4.95 each. After that, the price increases to $7.99 monthly (more details are provided below).

Opting for the monthly plan is the most cost-effective way to begin web hosting without contractual commitment.

Alternatively, you can opt for an annual payment plan of merely $35.40, totalling $2.95 monthly. This plan includes a domain name and the ability to keep your private data online safe with free domain protection.

The two options consist of the following:

  • Don’t sweat the installation of WordPress – it comes pre-installed
  • If you’re changing hosts, migrations are free of charge
  • Domain name privacy is gratis – many hosts charge for this
  • The drag-and-drop website builder makes WordPress building a breeze
  • Rely on live chat, ticket, and phone support if you need help
  • SSL certification is included at no extra cost

Renewal Rates 4/5 – It is typical for the renewal rate of your web hosting provider to be higher than the original promotional pricing, which can sometimes be two or three times more expensive. 

dreamhost review

This is because switching from one cheap web host to another can be extremely difficult, even more so after your website is hosted for a prolonged period.

It’s common for hosting providers to increase their rates on renewal, and many people will pay higher prices rather than switch hosts. For this reason, many prefer to use free web hosting to avoid this issue. 

However, this is only sometimes the case for all situations.

Renewing with the DreamHost monthly plan is as economical as the initial sign-up. During the first three months, the rate is $4.95 per month.

Once the fourth month starts, the cost will go up to $7.99 a month–an increase of 61.4%. However, this is still the second-lowest increase in renewal pricing. This makes DreamHost one of the most cost-effective choices for cheap hosting.

Stage Two of Onboarding – During the checkout procedure, there were a lot of confusing attempts at upselling that felt quite aggressive.

It is the provider’s prerogative to include services that may not be necessary–and it is the responsibility of the customer to delete the undesired items before processing the payment.

A range of additional products are offered:

  • For just $3 a month, DreamShield Protection can keep an eye on your website’s security status and detect any malicious code, outdated software, and more.
  • DreamHost email offers mailboxes at a monthly cost of $1.67.

Apart from that, the checkout procedure went without a hitch.

DreamHost Install WP

Once we finished the checkout process, we received an email with four different logins. Still, we needed clarification as to what they were or why they were all allocated separately (which could perplex someone unaware of what each stands for).

One can anticipate the following:

  • 1st email – You will receive credentials to your FTP account.
  • 2nd email – Credentials for your SFTP account are included without explanation.
  • 3rd email – Notification of a successful WordPress installation that contains eight different links, including a login link, guidance for building your website, DreamHost Academy, and a support link.

We encountered another difficulty where, after the WordPress installation process was completed, there was a lack of direction regarding the next steps, such as linking a domain name or setting up an email if it was part of the plan.

DreamHost had 15 plugins and 14 themes already installed, which is unnecessary. Too many of these can slow down your website, disadvantaging new users. It also adds extra work since they must be deleted.

DreamHost’s website speed is not the fastest, but it is also not the slowest compared to others on the list. It receives a 2/5 rating.

PageSpeed Insights Report Social Image

During our 30-day speed test, DreamHost was discovered to be the second-most sluggish of the cheap web hosts on our list, with an average response time of 813 ms. Despite being slower than others, it still presents decent speed at a discounted cost.

Look at the outcomes of our examination below.

The image above depicts A visualisation of Dreamhost’s quick response time. The speed of their service can be seen from the graph, which indicates that they are a reliable hosting company.

DreamHost is an economical choice for those primarily concerned with cost. It provides great value for the money. If speed is your priority, however, additional providers available at a slightly higher cost can offer faster response times.

It’s evident that the response time occasionally reaches two seconds; although that is a little concerning, one should remember that these results reflect the daily averages.

In late May, there was a visible stretch with peaks that suggested our website was taking a much longer time to load. 

This could have meant visitors were waiting close to four seconds before the page was fully loaded, which is known to be the time when most people will abandon the site.

Think about if the users of your site expect a speedy load time. A difference of even a few seconds between one and three could lead them to believe something is wrong.

Customer Support 3.33/5 – Our initial and second experiences with DreamHost representatives could have been faster than with other companies. Furthermore, the first one was overly pushy and not very helpful.

It was said that the only way to guarantee the website’s safety was to subscribe to a paid security plan, which was different.

The second conversation was beneficial and comprehensive. 

We inquired about the steps to create an unlimited email account; however, the plan we discussed needed to include email. They clarified the procedure to advance and how to configure it as well.

At night, we discussed what could be done to enhance the rate at which our website loads.

Once we got in touch with the representative, they welcomed us and then tested our website speed, which they declared satisfactory.

They wanted to know if we had any queries in particular. We responded that we were commencing our work and wanted to get some general tips on making the most of it before beginning.

They guided us to a helpful article discussing WordProptimisationtion and encouraged us to contact them again if we had any queries or encountered a slow loading speed.

Outstanding Uptime 5/5 – DreamHost offers the best month-to-month pricing and delivers on its pledge of 100% uptime. While other service providers promise 99.99%, DreamHost exceeded expectations during our tests. The cost is surprisingly reasonable, and the dependability is better than more expensive competitors.

The following is an outline of reliability:

DreamHost blew away the rest of the providers with minimal total downtime of just 49 seconds, as the average downtime of all other providers was calculated to be 26 minutes and 44 seconds.

Despite not claiming 100% accessibility, DreamHost has kept its servers running with almost no downtime. 

The single problem was an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error (a generic term for server-side mistakes). This only lasted 49 seconds, and then it was over.

DreamHost achieved a 5/5 score for its server uptime, an unbeatable result.

The information in this study confirms that with DreamHost’s cost-effective shared hosting, ensuring that your website’s visitors have a continuous connection is easy.

#3 – HostGator — The Optimum Choice 


HostGator is an online provider of hosting services. It offers shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server packages, domain registration and website design. The company provides tools to help customers launch their websites quickly and easily.

Optimal for Advertising Credits

HostGator provides great prices for shared web hosting, fast speeds, and reliable uptime. Additionally, you get $250 in Google and Microsoft ad credits to help promote your site. HostGator pays you to create and market your website.

Hostgator 1

Why not begin now?

The overall rating for the item is 3.6 out of a possible 5.

For those who are just starting and building a website using HostGator’s hosting platform, an amazing offer awaits. $150 worth of Google Ads and $100 in Microsoft Advertising credits are free.

No matter your approach, you are being reimbursed for marketing your website.

At a relatively economical price, HostGator offers outstanding value for the upfront cost. To better understand the service, we have created a comprehensive review of HostGator Cloud, which can be found here.

This is how they fared on our assessment system:

  1. Initial Price = 4/5
  2. Subscription Fees = 3/5
  3. Signing Up = 3/5
  4. Site Velocity = 4/5
  5. Help Desk = 3.67/5
  6. Server Reliability = 4/5

4/5 Upfront Cost – HostGator’s initial expense can be a financial commitment for some. The great thing about this business? 

All their packages are upfront and understandable, which means no extra costs apart from what you have already paid.

You will be charged $3.95/month for the first year of hosting, totalling $47.40. This includes a free domain name. If you choose to, you can add domain protection for the yearly fee of $14.95, which is strongly recommended since it shields your details from cybercriminals and spammers.

hstgator 1

Your initial cost for the first year is calculated to be $62.35.

However, when you consider the complimentary ad credits, they are paying you $187.65–which is a great deal.

It is possible to launch a new website and make money from it.

With no financial risk, even those at the start of their journey can identify potential patrons or visitors using a small budget and attempt to advertise.

By opting for the Starter plan, you will gain access to the following:

  • Get a complimentary twelve months of domain registration
  • Easily install WordPress with a single click
  • Utilise the free HostGator website builder
  • Take advantage of the 45-day refund policy
  • Receive a gratis email service
  • Enjoy a complimentary Positive SSL upgrade

Once you start using HostGator, you can easily make the necessary adjustments in your dashboard if you require any extra resources, such as increased bandwidth. 

This will cause HostGator to adjust your cost accordingly, providing you with a highly adaptable plan tailored to your exact resource requirements.

Confusion can arise for some users due to HostGator’s use of “unmetered unlimited bandwidth only” instead of “unlimited”. HostGator does not impose any charges based on the bandwidth utilised.

What Is Website Bandwidth

HostGator does not often restrict bandwidth usage, but it will likely do so if it judges your use as excessive. 

Consequently, it reserves the right to limit your usage if needed.

Renewal Rates 3/5 – Investigation indicates that HostGator provides the most competitive renewal pricing among the ones we have surveyed. Thus, HostGator is a clear choice if you are searching for a hosting service with a good balance of minimal risk and maximum return.

The cost for your renewal is $8.95/month over the next 12 months, resulting in a total of $107.40 for the second year.

Even though most web hosts hike their prices drastically when it comes to renewals, HostGator still manages to keep their costs low, making them one of the most inexpensive services on the internet.

Their prices are very reasonable, and they offer a refund policy, making them a great pick for anyone who wants to avoid being taken advantage of when selecting a hosting provider.

Onboarding Process 3/5 – The introductory checkout contained various optional upgrades already selected to give the impression that they were essential (however, this was not true).

During our configuration, we observed the user interface was tidy and modern, with a direct checkout procedure.

HostGator main min

When we checked out, we were pleased to find that a setup wizard immediately began. This is helpful in that it allows clarity as to what should be done next.

A WordPress tutorial is available to assist users in understanding how to utilise the WordPress dashboard.

Once the WordPress software is put in place, the directions end there. No guidance is available on the connection of the domain name, and no simple tips on how to make it happen.

It was acknowledged that an email was sent regarding the matter, yet it was determined that it needed to be clearer, particularly for those new to the topic.

HostGator’s utilisation of cPanel for administering a website is greatly appreciated as it provides the user with a quick way to access important features. 

Thus, the time needed to get comfortable using HostGator is reduced.

Website Speed 4/5 – HostGator has taken the necessary steps to guarantee a fast experience for its web visitors, regardless of their geographical location, by creating its own data centres and network infrastructure.

Improve Site Speed and Performance in 2019

Hostgator’s plans can utilise Cloudflare as a content delivery network (CDN) to ensure that the data from the website is accessible to anyone, regardless of their location.

Time and again, HostGator’s global CDN has been demonstrated as one of the quickest networks in the field. 

You decide which one you want to utilise; we have yet to evaluate which works most optimally in speed.

HostGator can host your website on multiple servers to determine which performs best. They can automatically shift to a better server if there is an issue with either speed or hardware.

HostGator was given a score of 3.67/5 for customer support, which is a middle-of-the-road ranking. We were quickly connected to a representative for all of our interactions. Their customer service is available nonstop, offering assistance from different locations worldwide.

During our initial contact, we encountered a particular sales rep when we questioned them about their security features. 

After we probed about the free options, we were transferred to someone claiming to be a security specialist. The rep was incredibly pushy.

We questioned why they would need to be made aware of the capabilities we possess on the scheme we are already utilising.

It was as though we were only considered valuable if we were willing to part with money, and if we weren’t, we were passed onto someone else to handle.

The second time we communicated, later in the day, was speedy and efficient. We asked, “Can I please have instructions on establishing an email account for my domain?”

They guided what to do and where to go, making it a successful interaction.

The conversation was normal. Later that night, we inquired about how to make our website load quickly, and they gave us a few tips, yet they could have done more.

Uptime of Server 4/5 – Hostgator has fulfilled its promise by delivering a 99.99% uptime.

After a month of evaluations, the site had an uptime of 99.99%, with only 5 minutes and 42 seconds of total disruption. 

hostgator data center server location

We noted five occurrences that resulted in the website being inaccessible.

HostGator experienced one connection refused error, commonly due to the user’s browser. 

Additionally, there were three HTTP 400 internal server errors, which signal that the server cannot or will not process the request. Lastly, the issue was an unidentified error.

The most extended period of inactivity was a mere 2 minutes and 24 seconds. This is a positive indication for a cost-effective web hosting provider that provides shared hosting plans.

With HostGator, one can expect great uptime and dependability for their website at a much lower cost than other alternatives.

#4 – UltaHost — Offering Affordable and Secure Hosting UltaHost

UltaHost is an online hosting service that provides the tools necessary to build a website. They offer a variety of features and services, including domain registration, website hosting, and e-commerce solutions. 

ultahost_cheap_wordpress_hosting_970×250o9imf4gw?a aid=stuartwesselby&a bid=526d0eb0

With UltaHost, users can easily create a professional website with minimal effort.

Affordable and Secure Hosting with the Greatest Adaptability in Billing

UltaHost’s cost is economical, beginning at $3.29 a month, and will not suddenly become more expensive after the promotional period. 

Security is provided at a business-level standard, and consumers can choose between six payment plans: monthly, every three months, yearly, every six months, twice a year, and every three years.

In total, the rating was 3.6 out of 5.

For small businesses, bloggers, and those looking to launch a website, UltaHost can be relied upon as a dependable web hosting platform. 

All the shared hosting plans they provided incorporate cPanel, making it a breeze for those just starting out to handle the hosting account.

UltaHost provides an enterprise-grade security system for the most economical shared hosting packages. 

ultahost_cheap_shared_hosting_970x250o9imf4gw?a aid=stuartwesselby&a bid=e1f3e1fa

This system will protect your site from malicious software, viruses, spyware, redirects, DDoS attacks and other potential threats.

UltaHost provides the most up-to-date security updates and plugins, so you never have to worry about running outdated versions with possible vulnerabilities or exploits.

If something does not go as expected, UltaHost has made it easy to restore your files due to the free daily backups included in all plans.

This is what our scorecard revealed about UltaHost:


  1. Initial Investment = 4/5
  2. Renewal Charges = 5/5
  3. Sign-up Process = 2/5
  4. Website Performance = 2.5/5
  5. Customer Assistance = 4/5
  6. Server Availability = 4/5

Upfront Cost 4/5 UltaHost plans begin at a mere $3.29 per month, making it a cost-effective option despite not being the least expensive on the market.

SSL certificates are included in every plan, and you can receive a 30-day refund if you are dissatisfied with the hosting services.

ultahost 1

UltaHost stands out from other providers due to its flexible billing options. It is not uncommon for web hosts to have different billing plans. However, the most common ones are monthly, yearly, and sometimes even up to four-year contracts.

UltaHost offers six different billing options, with the following initial rate for each:

  • Paying per month: $3.29
  • Every three months: $9.65
  • Twice a year: $18.90
  • Yearly: $37
  • Every two years: $71
  • Every three years: $100.44

When signing up for UltaHost services, it is important to remember that a free domain is only available if you commit to an annual agreement or longer.

Renewal Costs 5/5 – UltaHost is outstanding in this respect. The difference is minimal even though the renewal rates are greater than the promotional-level prices.

For instance, the Shared Starter plan increases from $3.29 monthly to $4.39, and Shared Basic rises from $5 to $6.67 monthly.

UltaHost maintains a cost-effective rate that stays relatively high once the promotional period ends. This is a significant benefit compared to other hosting providers that nearly triple their prices.

Onboarding Step 2/5 – Initiating with UltaHost can be quite simple. However, some additional offers can be a nuisance to get through.

It is possible to be misled by upsells, and it is also possible to miss out on free items if one is not careful. big

During checkout, you will notice that the default SSL selection is set to “None,” and all the SSLs that can be chosen are paid. Nonetheless, every plan includes a complimentary SSL certificate.

A website builder powered by Weebly is available free of charge, but it’s not automatically included with your plan. 

You need to select it to take advantage of the offer actively. This option can be easy to overlook with all the upsells that can be seen on the page.

Website Speed 2.5/5 – UltaHost’s site speed could be faster and faster than existing in the middle range compared to other web hosting services.

When saving money on hosting, it’s important to understand that speed won’t be the best. Accepting this as a trade-off is necessary to make a cheaper option possible.

ultahost website speed

Although some choices are quicker than others, this should not be your deciding factor.

Customer Service Rating of 4 out of 5 – All UltaHost plans include round-the-clock support through online chat.

It’s quite agreeable that UltaHost provides a more robust support system than other entry-level hosting plans on the market since they offer live agent support day or night instead of just ticket or email support.

The support team offers free migration services if you are transitioning from another web hosting provider to UltaHost.

UltaHost ensures your server runs optimally by providing 24/7 monitoring service and handling the technical demands in the background.

Uptime with UltaHost – UltaHost offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This is not special in comparison to other web hosts. However, UltaHost is very successful in fulfilling that assurance.

Remember that a 30-day money-back guarantee protects you if you are unsatisfied with your purchase. If your website is not functioning properly, you can move on without risk.

Begin your journey with UltaHost for only $3.29.

#5 – SiteGround — Good Customer Service


A detailed look at SiteGround can be found at web hosting comparison. The post provides insight into the various features offered by the platform.

Siteground - Best Hosting Platform

Maximum Reinforcement Available

Fear not for those who have yet to gain experience in website building. SiteGround provides a hosting package with all the necessities you need to launch your website in a day and customer support to assist with any questions you might have, all at a reasonable price.

Ad - Web Hosting from SiteGround - Crafted for easy site management. Click to learn more.

A rating of 3.6 on a scale of 5 was achieved in totality.

Hosting companies often claim they can provide great service but don’t offer any support when issues arise.

Unlike other companies, SiteGround offers personalised assistance to their customers whenever needed. They are available for help through live chat or over the phone.

24/7 customer service with real people answering calls in more than ten languages is one of SiteGround’s advantages over other hosting providers who avoid the effort of contracting actual people to communicate with customers and instead use automated bots for customer inquiries.

SiteGround Logo 1

Dealing with customer service, we had the most positive experience of all the other providers.

We conducted a series of tests to evaluate their performance, and these were the results:

  1. Initial Fee = 3/5
  2. Renewal Prices = 1/5
  3. Sign-Up Process = 5/5
  4. Site Velocity = 4/5
  5. Customer Service = 5/5
  6. Server Availability = 5/5

Upfront Cost 3/5SiteGround costs for a cheap web hosting service are relatively low. To begin with, the payment of $2.99 each month for the first 12 months yields a full year of hosting for $35.88.

This would be a great choice for those on a budget. However, it comes with something other than a domain name. 

It would cost an additional $17.99 for one year of domain registration. Plus, if you want to include domain protection, that will be a yearly fee of $12.

The total cost of your first year is over our designated threshold of $65 (at $65.87), which would have earned you four points instead of three in this category. 

However, the other providers ranked above SiteGround provide more cost-effective options for your first year.

siteground prices 2021

The most economical plan affords you not only practical assistance but also a great variety of advantages and capabilities, such as:

  • Ample storage of 10 GB for new websites
  • Backups are done daily for any unforeseen circumstances
  • An unlimited number of email accounts
  • A free Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve the site loading speed
  • Automated core and plugin updates for WordPress
  • A complimentary SSL certificate to secure any website

Using a different structure, the same meaning may be conveyed: It is possible to avoid plagiarism by altering the form of the text without changing the semantic content or meaning.

When Renewal Time Comes – The same great service and advantages remain. The second year of hosting cost is now $14.99/month for twelve months, equalling $179.88 in total.

For those trying to save on their web hosting costs, SiteGround’s rates may be higher than other providers. However, their dependability and advantages are well worth the price.

Rating Onboarding Process 5/5 – SiteGround has an outstanding checkout/onboarding experience.

Upon registration, we were sent a fantastic welcome email listing all the steps (in the correct sequence) to get us started.

siteground onboarding walkthrough

The process of getting started was straightforward with the onboarding portal.

Once you have decided on a domain, you will be presented with two options: starting a new website or transferring an existing one.

Constructing a new one from the beginning (like numerous of you), we opted for that path and were presented with another basic screen for selecting our preferred website constructor:

It’s a breeze to set up your new web store on SiteGround, and as an added advantage, they make the WordPress + WooCommerce selection obvious and distinct.

Once you complete working with the widget, it immediately notifies you that you must link your domain on the backend, providing directions for how to do so.

Your dashboard provides a comprehensive, step-by-step list of all the tasks you need to complete before you make your site live.

We were delighted with this experience–despite being suitable for novices, in an average of two minutes, your website can be up and running with the simple click of a WordPress and Woocommerce installation button.

Website Speed 4/5 – Website speed is a critical factor for SEO, conversions, and user experience, and a slow website can hinder all.

The outcomes of the speed test are as follows:

The average response time of these services is approximately 616 ms, resulting in a virtually instantaneous display of your website upon being accessed from Google or any other search engine.

Despite not being the quickest on our list, SiteGround comes close to the maximum speed.

Outstanding Customer Service – SiteGround’s customer support is top-notch compared to all other web hosting providers.

When we reached out, someone was available to help us immediately, and our most symbolic interaction took eight minutes. 

Moreover, the reps kindly provided detailed directions instead of directing us to a support article.

We were not met with any attempts to solicit us, and each time we spoke with them, they were delightful and accommodating.

We were quite taken aback by the discussion regarding website speed, too. They provided us with a lot of resources and were very encouraging. They didn’t make us feel our inquiries were ridiculous or that we were wasting their time.

Server Uptime 5/5 – SiteGround has aced the test for server availability, as we recorded only two seconds of downtime over thirty days. This makes them the clear winner on this list.

Meta Image 1200x630 datacenters

During an unexpected mistake, a mere two seconds were experienced.

Thanks to this dependability, not having to worry about dissatisfying customers or financial losses due to outages simplifies your life.

SiteGround can guarantee that your website remains accessible 100% of the time, plus you can enjoy its outstanding customer service and quicker-than-average loading times.

#6 – GreenGeeks — Economical Web Hosting 


GreenGeeks is a web hosting company and service that provides its customers with an environmentally-friendly option for their hosting needs. 

Greengeeks 1

This company offers top-of-the-line service and solutions for green web hosting. Their services are designed to reduce the environmental carbon footprint by utilising green energy sources. GreenGeeks is committed to providing a high-quality hosting experience that is also eco-friendly.

Speediest Low-Cost Web Hosting

For an economical fee, GreenGeeks provides exceptional customer support, reliable uptime, and the fastest loading speeds among the tested hosts. Gain the most benefit for your money and help support the environment simultaneously!

Our overall evaluation of the situation was 3.4 out of 5.

For an affordable rate and exceptional velocity, GreenGeeks is the perfect choice.

We were astounded by GreenGeeks’ performance during our 30-day test; it surpassed the competition in numerous areas.

GreenGeeks is an appealing option for an inexpensive web host due to its speed but also because it excels in many other aspects without loudly publicising its quickness.

We shall now look at how GreenGeeks fared in our scorecard:

  1. Initial Expense = 4/5
  2. Renewal Charges = 3/5
  3. Onboarding System = 2/5
  4. Site Speed = 5/5
  5. Customer Assistance = 4/5
  6. Server Performance = 4/5

GreenGeeks’ initial cost is average compared to its peers; more expensive options exist. 

Rating: 3/5

The fee is $4.95 for twelve months, amounting to a yearly cost of $59.40.

An additional fee of $9.95 is required to protect your domain, making the total cost of hosting for the first year a reasonable $69.35, with a free domain name included.

GreenGeeks’ pricing is average, yet their hosting is among the swiftest available.

Google rankings can be improved by utilising GreenGeeks as opposed to a standard, low-priced web hosting plan, granting your website a superior experience than most.

Included in the standard plan is:

  • A domain name with no cost
  • Unrestricted email accounts
  • Regular backups in the evening
  • An SSL certificate at no charge
  • A CDN provided without cost
  • Vulnerability patches for the same day
  • One-click installation of WordPress
  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, assistance through live chat, phone, and tickets

Renewal Rates 3/5 – After the promotional period ends, renewing your hosting will cost $10.95/month for a total of $131.40 for the second year. This is a 121% increase in price from the initial offer.

When it comes to renewal rates, it is the fourth priciest option.

Greengeeks CPN

When the hosting price is renewed, it generally goes up by approximately 90% to 120%. However, some services on this list may have a bigger price bump, so bear that in mind.

Onboarding Process 2/5 – At the start of our experience, we were informed that a setup fee of $29.95 applied to monthly plans, which had yet to be disclosed elsewhere on GreenGeeks’ website. We were taken by surprise, so they lost a point for this.

The user interface at checkout needs to be updated, yet it is uncomplicated and easy to use.

Once we had completed the registration process, we were informed that we might receive a phone call or email to check our account, despite them telling us that no action was required to confirm it. We are still determining why they initially said that.

Once logged in, the initial steps were quite straightforward to understand for a novice.

greengeeks web hosting 1024x668 1

We appreciated the option to select which plugins we wanted pre-installed, as opposed to having to get rid of the unwanted ones ourselves. 

The setup wizard from GreenGeeks made the process so much more efficient.

Although we could install WordPress, we needed instructions for the next steps. Therefore, we had to deduct a point for that.

In conclusion, the onboarding process is quite normal and can be managed by those new to web hosting. 

Nonetheless, we had to deduct two points from GreenGeeks’ score due to the unexpected setup fee for monthly users and the lack of clarity on the next steps, resulting in a score of three out of five.

A score of 5/5 was given for website speed, as the average response time over 30 days was the quickest compared to all seven hosting providers.

A glimpse of the following is shown in the screenshot:

It was found that a website usually takes just below a second to react to its users’ requests. This is notably quicker than other tested hosts; it is twice as fast.

For a shared hosting plan, top-tier performance can take time. 

This is because the server is shared with an unknown number of other websites, which often results in slow response times and a pricier plan for improved speed.

GreenGeeks’ performance surpasses that of other web hosts even on their less successful days – they are faster than many of their competitors even when they are at their peak.

The great thing about this is that there is no need to install plugins to enhance your website’s speed. This makes it simple to provide your viewers with an amazing experience without any extra labour.

Customer Service 4/5 – GreenGeeks distinguishes itself positively in this area as well.

The customer support representatives we encountered exceeded our expectations by delivering more than just a support article.

Live Support. GG

The walkthrough we received was comprehensive, and the team was very tolerant. We were delighted to discover that they were one of the few hosting providers that did not push additional security options when we requested guidance on maintaining the security of our website. It was a positive experience.

We were connected to a representative immediately for two of the interactions, while the other only necessitated a short wait time, demonstrating their promptness.

At our last interaction, we had to deduct one point because when we inquired, “How do I make my site load as fast as possible?” the response we received was a bit rushed. 

They suggested we speak with our developer for assistance rather than providing any help when we told them that we didn’t have one. They dismissed our comment and concluded the chat.

Aside from one minor issue, GreenGeeks was awarded an impressive four out of five rating for their customer support.

Testing Server Uptime – A check of GreenGeeks’ server uptime showed that websites hosted there had nearly perfect availability.

For thirty days, the servers were not usable for two minutes and six seconds, a negligible amount.

Over the period, we observed only three occurrences.

 First, two connection timeouts occurred (the server took excessive time to respond) and finally, an HTTP 500 internal server error (an unforeseen condition that prevented the server from completing the request).

The period of inactivity was extraordinarily brief at only 1 minute and 38 seconds.

GreenGeeks have had remarkable success and have accomplished this by adding additional components to their method.

GreenGeeks provides an uninterrupted service that maintains your website’s dependability and stability. This is evidenced by their impressive speeds, which, along with their pricing structure, more than justifies the cost.

Ranking #7 – Bluehost as the Leading Affordable Web Host


Optimal for WordPress

WordPress recommends only three hosting providers, and Bluehost is one of them. 

Their plan includes 24/7 customer support, one-click WordPress setup, automated WordPress updates, hands-off plugin updates, a custom control panel, a free Content Delivery Network, and a free domain name for the first 12 months.

11352 121420311352

A rating of 2.8 out of 5 was given as the total score.

We strongly suggest using Bluehost for any WordPress site because it is among the three hosts that the creators of WordPress have specifically recommended.

After our testing, this is the assessment of Bluehost:

  1. Initial Expenditure = 3/5
  2. Subscription Prices = 3/5
  3. Onboarding Procedure = 3/5
  4. Site Efficiency = 1/5
  5. Service Support = 3/5
  6. Server Availability = 4/5

Initial Investment 3/5 – If you’re looking for something that won’t require a huge expense, Bluehost is a great choice as it is the second most affordable option on our list.

The initial payment is a flat rate of $4.95 monthly for 12 months, amounting to $59.40 for the full year.

Bluehost business web hosting

You can save between $17.99 and $29.99 annually by getting a free domain name. For added protection, domain privacy can be added, costing an extra $11.88 a year, making the first year cost $71.28.

The introductory package contains the following:

  • Get 50 GB of SSD storage space for your website
  • Receive a free domain for the first year
  • Utilise a complimentary content delivery network (CDN)
  • Gain an SSL certificate at no cost

Due to its advantages, novice web hosts may find Bluehost a great option.

 These include a free website builder, one-click plugin installations, and 24/7 customer service assistance. All these qualities make Bluehost an excellent choice for anyone using WordPress for their online presence.

Despite not having the lowest cost, we have rated it three out of five on our pricing scale.

Bluehost’s renewal rates are average when compared to other services. 3/5

At renewal time, hosting for 12 months will cost $9.99 a month, or $119.88 for the second year.

The promotional pricing has been made 102% more. However, you will still acquire benefits unparalleled to this price. For instance, you get automatic WordPress software updates unavailable elsewhere.

Phase 3/5 of Onboarding – The checkout procedure offered by Bluehost is straightforward and uncomplicated.

A point was subtracted from Bluehost’s score because many upsell were pre-selected.

Two upsells were offered, CodeGuard Basic and SiteLock Security, priced at $2.99 per month.

bluehost onbopard

The next steps were effortless and clear to comprehend.

A comprehensive guide is provided for those starting with their website, which goes through all the necessary steps. Even if you’re more advanced, you can pass on the wizard.

Although no information was given regarding domain name connection, Bluehost lost a point for that. It is essential to note that a domain connection is necessary to get the website to appear online; thus, leaving out such a critical detail is unacceptable.

If you are starting, you want to save time searching for data that should be readily available.

Our site speed tests showed that Bluehost was extremely slow, with an average load time of 1107 ms over 30 days earning it a 1/5 rating.

At one stage, we encountered a page loading time of eight seconds, which was quite disappointing. Out of the two suppliers we looked into, this was the worst regarding website speed.

The evidence is provided below.

The speed of a site significantly impacts search engine rankings and user experience.

Well, the site speed could be better. However, with the automatic installation of WordPress and regular core updates, you can be sure that your site is always running the optimised version of WordPress.

Maintaining your website’s security without manually updating it is essential and accomplished using automatic updates. This allows for the optimisation of your website’s performance.

Depending on the purpose of your website, Bluehost could still be a sensible selection. A basic blog, for instance, would be fine with the persistent slowness. Ultimately, it is contingent on what you intend to do with your site.

Customer Assistance 3/5 – Our experience revealed that Bluehost had a rapid response time, and we immediately contacted a representative.

Our assessment was only based on chat support, though Bluehost does have the option of providing phone support too. This may be a low priority for some. However, if you prefer to talk to someone directly, Bluehost can cater to that.

bluehost support image

When we inquired about enhancing security, we encountered a sales-like approach, but the initial contact was very pushy.

The Bluehost rep duplicated many characteristics and inserted them into the discussion without clarifying any of them, which could have been more helpful.

Expressing dissatisfaction, we disagreed with the representative’s opinion that their free security features must be improved and that utilising free plugins is also ineffective (which is untrue).

At our second meeting, we reached out for help with email configuration. It was great, quick, easy, and the service was friendly.

The final time was an exasperating experience. We had requested, “What do we do to ensure our site loads quickly?” 

The representative responded with many irrelevant details, none of which aided us in finding an answer, and it took them an extended amount of time to answer our inquiry.

The level of assistance from Bluehost is unpredictable, yet overall they are quicker than other providers.

Server Uptime 3/5 – All hosting providers make promises of excellent uptime. This is something we hear constantly. However, facts say more than phrases. Our research revealed clear results.

BlueHost showed an uptime of 99.95%, which is quite good. 

Their servers were unavailable for 20 minutes and 28 seconds in a thirty-day period. The most extended period of downtime was 10 minutes and 4 seconds.

rock domain dns

A total of seven occurrences occurred, causing the website to be inaccessible. Primarily, these were cases where the server took too long to respond, resulting in connection timeouts.

However, two SSL errors occurred where the browser could not validate the SSL certificate and displayed a warning that the page was not secure to visit. 

This is a critical issue–it can easily scare off a visitor and instil an unfavourable perception towards your URL that may never go away. This is more detrimental than just being temporarily unavailable due to downtime. It is something to be aware of if you choose Bluehost as your provider.

Bluehost promises to provide a 99.9% uptime, and they live up to their promise. It is common for shared hosting to have occasional fluctuations; therefore, some months will be better or worse than others. 

Nevertheless, customers can expect reliable service, fair prices, and satisfactory assistance from Bluehost.

#8 – A2 Hosting — Optimal for European Websites 

A2 Hosting: Of all the hosting options available, A2 Hosting stands out as a great choice.

Ideal for Overseas Viewers

Take advantage of A2 Hosting’s data centres, situated in different parts of Europe and Asia, to provide great visiting experiences for visitors from outside the US, as well as dependable customer service and economic renewal costs compared to other options available on our list of dedicated hosting here.

Unbelievable Speed 20239u7waif7le4?aid=62116077d56bf&bid=05a5558f

The overall rating is 2.2/5.

A2 Hosting is often thought of for its speed. However, this is only sometimes the case.

What stands out most about A2 is its global network of data centres, particularly in Europe and Asia. This makes them an ideal web host for sites catering to visitors from these regions since they can be counted on for dependability.

However, our tests observed that A2 Hosting did not perform well in speed.


To be completely open, we tested using the U.S. data centre. As for the Amsterdam and Singapore data centres, you can refer to this page to view the testing results.

In just a moment, all of the U.S. information will be revealed. Our findings, however, were extraordinary and almost unbelievable when we first began our analysis and experiments.

Examine the below information to observe how A2 performed on speed testing and the other six main topics investigated.

  1. Initial Expense = 1/5
  2. Reoccurring Fees = 3/5
  3. Account Activation = 1/5
  4. Site Performance = 2/5
  5. Assistance Quality = 3.67/5
  6. Server Availability = 3/5

Expense 1/5 – Despite the premium price, the service and performance provided do not meet the expectations that come with such an expenditure.

The expense for your initial year comes to a total of $83.88 over 12 months at the rate of $6.99/month. A domain is not included, but A2 Hosting offers the option to purchase one for $14.95 annually.

A2Hosting Review

To preserve your confidential data, domain security requires an extra annual fee of $9.95.

The total expenses at the beginning of the process amount to $108.78 if you factor in web hosting, a domain name, and domain protection for one year.

You will acquire the following:

  • An indefinite number of email accounts
  • Assistance through phone, live chat, and email
  • A complimentary SSL certificate
  • A commitment to uptime
  • An integrated website builder

If you’re unsatisfied with how your website is running, A2 has you covered with a money-back guarantee that you can use anytime. This is quite rare in the web hosting industry and helps make the service less expensive.

Renewal Fee 3/5 – The service renewal cost is $8.99 per month for a year, amounting to a total of $107.88 for the 2nd year.

We found it pleasing that A2 had the least price increase for renewal compared to the other options on our list–only a rise of 29% from the initial rate.

Despite the large initial expenses, they rate in the middle of the group regarding renewal expenses, with a 3 out of 5.

Onboarding Process 1/5 – Our team has determined that this provider’s onboarding and checkout process was the least satisfactory of all those we have assessed.

The checkout pages are excessively crowded, with much information condensed into a restricted area. 

a2 onboard

Numerous additional sales pitches are seen, and they attempt to deceive customers into enhancing their SSL certificate (without any valid reasons).

In addition, A2 requires an additional fee to access their page builder, an amenity that all other hosting providers supply for free. Alternatively, you can use an external page builder at no cost.

Once an account has been established, no guidance is provided on proceeding. Our team received an email containing multiple login credentials, which was the provided information’s limit.

One has to develop solutions themselves, which is very dissatisfying for a hosting service with such a hefty price tag.

Website Speed 2/5 – The A2 Hosting website advertises its rapid page loading speeds on its homepage. Unfortunately, their least expensive hosting package does not live up to this promise.

competitors v2

It is essential that your website can load in up to two seconds, as any longer than three seconds and visitors will likely terminate their visit.

After thirty days of experimentation, it was determined that A2 had an average response time of just under one second.

However, that is without any media, extensions, or sudden traffic increases on a server that is shared with other websites. Most likely, this will be different for you.

The diagram presented here displays our speed test outcomes.

For unlimited websites to fight back against slower speeds, A2 Hosting provides a content delivery network (CDN).

The least expensive package includes a complimentary Cloudflare CDN, which can enhance your website speeds and functioning by caching its content.

The CDN holds a copy of your website instead of retrieving it anew every time it is viewed.

We anticipated that A2’s web services would outperform the other contenders in our assessment, as it had been touted incredibly fast.

 Our supposition was invalid, however, and we were required to purchase A2’s Turbo Boost to experience the rapid server speed that they guarantee to be twenty times faster.

A2 achieved an average rating of 3.67/5 for customer service.

It took a while to connect with someone on the first try. However, for the following two, it was instantaneous.

At first, the replies come quickly. However, it requires some time to obtain an answer to your queries.

The representatives weren’t amiable, but they weren’t rude either. The initial encounter was quite sales-focused, and the rep was not accommodating.

Although the task was completed, our perception of the whole experience could have been more positive–except for the second encounter.

We inquired, “Would you be able to explain the process of establishing an email account for my domain?”

The representative was great and provided comprehensive, illustrated instructions that exceeded our expectations.

We had mixed experiences with A2’s customer service, but nothing too terrible.

Server Performance – During our evaluation, A2 Hosting achieved an uptime of 99.96%, with a total of fifteen minutes and forty-one seconds of downtime over the course of thirty days.

This is a screenshot of 30 days of uninterrupted operation testing:

An image can be seen depicting a graph of Uptime. The Uptime of the system is at a steady rate.

Two causes were responsible for the website being down. The first was a 41-second connection timeout (the server was not responding quickly enough), and the other was a 15-minute HTTP 500 internal server error.

Despite only two occurrences, 15 minutes without access to the website is quite lengthy; certainly not ideal.

When someone visits your website and can’t access the necessary information, it will surely frustrate them. Not only that, but they may start to doubt themselves and wonder if they got the right URL or if their internet connection is working. A wait time of 15 minutes is sure to hurt visitor numbers in the long run.

Fortunately, after that 15 minutes of eternity, A2 fared quite well when it came to being up and running.

A2 Hosting showed that its performance is generally good or higher across the board, if not remarkable in any particular area.

How To Pick A Top Low-Cost Web Hosting Provider

Determining who makes the grade is a lengthy process. We spent a month and utilised a team to compile the needed information to formulate our suggestions.

We conducted an exhaustive testing process for each host we reviewed.

Best Web Hosting For Designers
  1. We created a new account with the web host and followed the onboarding process.
  2. We erected a WordPress website with the same theme and preferences on all web hosts.
  3. We tracked site speed and uptime for an entire month.
  4. Then, we concluded by submitting support tickets to each web host to determine their level of assistance.

Using an alternate structure, the same content can be expressed as follows:

We evaluated all the tests we ran on a scale of one to five in six crucial areas. We amalgamated the ratings into an overall score by considering the relative importance of the optimal inexpensive web host. The following are the rating categories and their respective weights:

  1. Initial Outlay (25%)
  2. Renewal Payment (20%)
  3. Website Velocity (10%)
  4. High Server Availability (10%)
  5. Customer Service (20%)
  6. Acclimatization Process (15%)

The effect of the internet on the way we communicate has been immense. Its impact on communication has been far-reaching, altering how people interact and share information. 

The internet has revolutionised communication, enabling us to connect with anyone worldwide with just a few clicks of a button. 

It has enabled us to communicate more quickly and easily than ever before and has created numerous opportunities for individuals to connect with others in distant places.

Given that this is an inexpensive hosting option, we greatly emphasised its cost. However, many people searching for a low-cost plan will likely be new to web hosting.

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost

For those just starting in web hosting or those with limited skills in constructing or managing websites, customer assistance can be essential to make or break the broad experience and success. 

Thus, we gave customer service (and, to a slightly lesser degree, onboarding) more weight in our consideration.

Our web host researchers rigorously verify all the data we present to you and go through the same steps as you would when making a decision. They communicate, navigate, contact, and go through all the same procedures.

Upfront Expenses for Advertising

The initial payment is the most important factor when looking for a low-cost web hosting service, accounting for 25% of the overall rating.

When we compared the various providers, we noticed they all had a promotional fee of, at most, $7/month. At first, these rates may appear to be the same.

Expenditures for web hosting in the first year may span a broad range, from $35 to $85. Such a drastic range is noteworthy.

When selecting a hosting plan, it is important to consider the cost of additional features you may need that are not included. These may include domain name privacy, extra security, email accounts, and a domain name.

Our inquiry revealed that numerous “low-cost” plans do not comprise any or all of the mentioned aspects, thus keeping the advertised price below the total cost that would be charged.

Although one option may appear to be the least costly, additional costs should be considered when evaluating the total cost of different vendors.

The initial plans of many web hosts may include a domain name costing $8.99 yearly, with an additional $5 per year for domain protection.

To make it easier for you, we came up with the grand sum of the expenses for the initial year. This includes:

  • Over one year, the fee of the most basic plan of hosting
  • The charge for a domain name (if it’s not provided for free)
  • The cost of including domain privacy and security

This can determine the entire expenditure for a year of hosting.

We followed a scale to evaluate each host, assigning a rating accordingly.

  • If spending is under $50, you get 5 points
  • Between $51 and $65, you get 4 points
  • For an amount between $66 and $80, you will earn 3 points
  • If you spend $81 to $95, you will receive 2 points
  • Any amount over $96 will get you 1 point

Our review revealed a balanced distribution among the cheapest web hosting name providers. Two cost less than $50, while one scored four out of five, with prices ranging from $51 to $65.

Three of the four remaining companies received three points; the last only got one due to the price being higher than $96.

Payment for Renewal Costs

Imagine you scored a fantastic promotional rate when you first signed up. 

You paid the least amount you could for your first 12 months. Fast forward, and you must remember your cheap web hosting service. 

Until one day, you look at your credit card statement and discover an unexpected 137% upsurge in your hosting charge.

glenn carstens peters npxXWgQ33ZQ unsplash

It occurs quite often, which can be highly annoying for web admins. Aside from the distress of a large, sudden bill, it can also cause financial difficulty. One of the most common grievances regarding website hosting is the sudden, exorbitant renewal fee.

Renewal costs were assigned a 20% weighting in our criteria for determining an economical web host, and we provided a separate rating for this factor.

No matter which web-hosting service you decide on, the prices for the second year will increase. Depending on the provider, this increase can be as nominal as a 50% rise or as drastic as a 137% surge.

If one is unaware of how the renewal fees are calculated, they could pay more than double the initial cost.

After determining the fees incurred for the second year of service following the expiration of the promotional pricing, we arranged for all the hosting companies to increase the amount from the first year to the second.

  • If the cost is $75 or less, the points are 5
  • For expenses between $76 and $105, the points are 4
  • Fees from $106 up to $135 grant 3 points
  • If the payment is between $136 and $165, you get 2 points
  • If the cost is higher than $166, you get 1 point

The pricing for renewing your domain name or adding domain privacy must be reflected in the grading system since these services are optional.

Let us consider a few actual instances.

At the moment this is written, the cheapest jump in the renewal rate is $36, with the first year of cloud hosting now priced at $35.88 and the subsequent year charging $71.88.

The amount of the increase in the host with the greatest variation in renewal is $96, which is an increase from $83.88 for the initial year of hosting to $179.88 for the subsequent year.

It is effortless to assume you are only shelling out $50 to $60 annually, only to find out later that you have been charged $200/year for all the extra features and renewal rates. Therefore, be sure to examine the overall renewal cost vigilantly.

A great way to save money is to select the longest subscription length available when registering. Many hosting services provide promotional rates and additional discounts when you purchase three or even four years of hosting.

Given that paying for several years of web hosting upfront, even at a reasonable cost, can be a major financial commitment, we decided not to assume that everyone could do this. Therefore, our ratings focus solely on renewals after the second year.

If cost reduction is your goal and you can manage a larger expense upfront, the longest-term option is ideal. To ensure you’re aware of the situation set a reminder for when the renewal date draws near.

Assistance Every Day of the Year, Nonstop

When selecting a hosting provider, 24/7/365 customer support is a major consideration, making up 20% of the decision-making process. This is especially true for those who have never built a website, have done it numerous times, and are looking to switch providers.

Liquid Web 1

Is the information you’ve encountered regarding a service provider’s customer service accurate?

Can one expect a response in 30 seconds? Will they be able to handle the issue of causing financial losses or reducing the influx of visitors?

The quality of customer service should be considered when making a decision, so we decided to assess the support ourselves to obtain quick access to an experienced rep.

To evaluate the response times of the customer service representatives, we contacted each of them through live chat three times during the day.

  • During the early hours of the day, approximately 8 – 9 a.m. PST
  • At midday, about noon – 1 p.m. PST
  • In the nighttime, about 7 – 8 p.m. PST

To remain open and clear, we opted exclusively for live chat support since not all providers on this list provide phone support; we wanted to ensure the parameters were the same. It should be considered a perk for those hosting companies with available phone support.

Next, we recorded screenshots of all the discussions and noted the atmosphere of every exchange.

The interview process of the support team commenced with one of these three inquiries being posed to every customer service representative:

  • What protective measures do you have in place to bolster the security of my website?
  • Please explain the process of setting up my email address with my domain.
  • What steps can I take to ensure my site loads quickly?

This is an illustration of a discussion we had concerning safety components:

The representative suggested we install a plugin to improve our security and provided a guide to help us use it. This particular plugin can detect security issues and explain how to resolve them, and it’s available for free.

As a result of our discussions, we rated each host on five criteria for excellent support.

  1. Provided helpful advice that was not overly promotional or pushing paid products
  2. Concluded the conversation quickly, within 15 minutes
  3. Went above and beyond what was asked by not solely sending a support article
  4. Reacted quickly, within 5 minutes
  5. We perceived the representative as knowledgeable, attentive, friendly and eager to assist.

If their performance was satisfactory, they were awarded a point for each criterion. Conversely, if it was not, then no points were assigned. 

After evaluating all criteria, we compiled the points to obtain a final customer service quality score.

A few of the suppliers on our roster farm out their customer service, meaning that the agents they have are separate from their internal staff. 

This can result in a very dissatisfying service experience, especially since they may need more technical knowledge to assist in troubleshooting the hosting plan.

When customers call for assistance, it has been observed that some service providers try to sell additional products before attempting to resolve the issue.

Some individuals have done far more for us than expected.

Try out the response times and support quality by using the money-back guarantees.

Register for a subscription, cover the initial charges, and connect with their customer service representatives to evaluate if your experiences correspond to our studies.

It is wise to keep contacts even if you don’t expect to use them since you can never be certain of the future.

Page Load

Discuss the importance of page loading speed and how it affects user experience.

Increased web traffic, revenue, or more publicity can be achieved by improving the speed of your website.

At first, we assumed it would be difficult to discern any variation in execution. It turns out, however, that our preconception was inaccurate.

We got a wide range of speeds from the different hosts we tested.

We conducted testing on hosts to gain the outcomes.

We began by constructing the same sites with the 2021 WordPress theme as the basis.

We eliminated all plugins, media files, pages, comments, themes, menus, and related elements to ensure each site was tested under the same conditions.

Bear in mind that the results may vary because your website will be full of more info, media, and various material.

carlos muza hpjSkU2UYSU unsplash

We needed to create an evident testing atmosphere. Therefore, we completely cleared out each website.

The sole distinction between the two lies in the host sustaining it in the background.

Subsequently, Freshping was used to measure uptime and average loading time for the provided URLs at one-minute intervals.

Thirty days was the time frame used to extract the average load time for each site. Subsequently, a score was determined based on the scale below.

A five is the highest score that can be achieved, and the quicker the time, the better the result.

  • A score of 5 is given for response times of less than 550 milliseconds
  • 4 points will be awarded for 551 – 675 milliseconds
  • 3 points are given for 676 – 800 milliseconds
  • A score of 2 is earned for 801 to 925 milliseconds
  • 1 point is the result for response times over 926 milliseconds

The tests revealed that only one supplier achieved a top score of five. Three got a four, which was a good response time. 

Two were below average, achieving a two out of five, and one could have been more active, only getting one point.

The providers that advertised themselves as the fastest needed to meet expectations. 

The speed test of a provider that was particularly vocal about their speed is demonstrated in the image below. We were surprised by the results, which showed they had the second slowest response time out of the providers listed.

It is essential to pay attention to the significant rise in response time for the host provider. As you will be using shared hosting, this is especially important.

When using a shared hosting plan, this is a regular occurrence. 

This is because your website is hosted on the same server as other sites, which is how hosting companies keep costs low.

 However, if another site on the same server experiences an abrupt increase in visitors, it could harm the speed of your website.

It’s not necessary to be concerned about the infrequent peaks.

Nonetheless, certain elements of the charts require special consideration.

Select a hosting service with a maximum peak of two to three seconds to ensure your website runs optimally. 

This will help ensure that even during periods of high traffic, the server speed will remain relatively fast. 

Unfortunately, with the example host, the peak time for traffic was as high as 23 seconds for a brief period. The maximum response time of 23217 milliseconds confirms this.

The next point to consider is the average overall response time; the ideal is 630 milliseconds or less. In comparison, the specific host we looked at was nearly a whole second slower than other tested hosts.

We can also consider an alternate illustration.

The provider in question is not known for their website speed, and they rarely bring attention to it. Yet, the following information is available:

They outperformed the other competitors–nearly two times faster than some of our other hosts.

As exhibited in the above illustration, traffic spikes, although present, are quite insignificant. Even the most serious of the peaks only resulted in a loading time of three seconds. On the other hand, the average response time was much quicker at less than half a second.

Regarding web hosting, the best performance is achieved when page loading times remain at or below two or three seconds, with an average of 500 milliseconds to one second.

Gaining access to this will provide all the velocity that one requires.

Your website should meet certain requirements to achieve optimal speed.

Onboarding Uncomplicated and Effortless

After completing your research and choosing a provider, you must allow yourself time to configure the setup.

For novice users, this part of the process is particularly essential. It comprises 15% of the total weighted score when configuring website hosting.

It should be a breeze to configure the sites with the given providers. We had a smooth and trouble-free experience through the setup process. 

We felt our confidence grow as we took things step by step. And even better, we felt that anyone new to the process could do the same without difficulty.

Once you have opted for your plan, selected your domain, and double-checked the particulars, you will be shown the welcome screen in the image below.

Once you press the “Set Up Site” button, you can start your straightforward onboarding procedure.

Choosing between creating a new website or transferring an existing one to this host is easy.

When starting a new site, the next step is to decide what platform to use. Possibilities include WordPress, WooCommerce on WordPress, or Weebly.

duncan meyer xruML FcCOk unsplash

No intricate coding or extra effort is necessary besides a simple mouse click.

We judged this to be the superior onboarding process among all the services on this inventory. Its simplicity is unmatched.

However, some could be more complex. The following is a capture of a UI that is not very convenient to use:

It can be rather perplexing when someone cannot comprehend what is occurring. Unfortunately, there have been few attempts to make the situation simpler.

We need to determine where to proceed on this initial page after purchase. What is the opening move? How can a user build their website? Is it necessary to install WordPress?

We were completely oblivious.

We were only sent an email with a collection of login details and a dashboard that could have been more helpful.

We determined this was the worst possible way to conduct an onboarding process as a web host. It was an absolute fiasco.

Feel the thrill of beginning to work on your computer, yet when you look at the monitor, there’s a perplexing screen waiting for you. Without a guide to direct you in making your website, you’re left with no other option but to contact tech support for assistance.

Server Reliability

The amount of time a server can remain online and functioning without interruptions is referred to as its uptime. This is an important metric when assessing the reliability of a server.

Hosting providers often boast about their impressive uptime rates, repeatedly stating numbers like 99% and 99.9%.

Are all of them of superior quality?

That’s not accurate.

To conduct our test, we established websites on the base plans of each host. Subsequently, we installed the same 2021 WordPress theme on each one in an identical fashion, similar to how we assess website speed.

We eliminated all menus, media, comments, pages, plugins, other pre-installed themes, and posts (except the default hello world post) to ensure each website was identical apart from the host. 

We also activated a free SSL for every website. This is essential for uptime as it reassures visitors that the site is secure and the server recognises it is protected.

It is now compulsory to have it, regardless of whether a company sells items or takes payments. This is why our research considered it.

Subsequently, we fed each homepage URL into Freshping, a service that assesses uptime every sixty seconds.

We evaluated the data collected for 30 days and assigned a numerical score to each host based on the following criteria:

  • A score of 5 is given for periods of less than a minute of downtime
  • A score of 4 is given when the rest lasts between 1 and 15 minutes
  • 3 points are awarded for a breakdown that is between 15 and 30 minutes
  • A score of 2 is provided for the downtime of 30 to 45 minutes
  • A single point is allotted for rest exceeding 45 minutes

The grade is calculated based on the provider’s total rest.

For instance, take a look at this example.

The entire time the system was offline in 30 days was 5 minutes and 42 seconds, a commendable result.

It is essential to remember the following:

  • What host has the least amount of time offline?
  • What are the possible sources of the downtime (maintenance, security concerns, server-side mistakes, or browser-side mistakes)?
  • How long does each instance of unavailability last?

To better grasp the concept of downtime, let’s explore its causes. One type of downtime is scheduled maintenance, during which the web host performs security checks and optimises the server’s performance.

Security issues that have been missed or faced can be addressed by preventing access to websites on the server to ensure the data’s safety.

Occasionally, one may experience server-related issues such as disconnections or requests the server cannot process. This can result in downtime for your website.

Downtime for browser-side errors can be caused by outdated software or requiring updates to make a website accessible.

There will be periodic outages for server maintenance for most shared hosting services. Nonetheless, some providers excel in this area and can maintain uptime of less than 50 seconds in 30 days.

Certain service providers offer uptime guarantees to assuage any worries about inadequate performance levels.

In a nutshell, if your website is offline for more than one hour that month, you can get a 5% refund of the monthly fees for each hour of outage. The level of reimbursement for prolonged downtime differs from provider to provider.

It is important to know that certain events are not covered by their 99.9% guarantee. These include scheduled maintenance, network outages, and connection timeouts caused by slow internet connections or data too far from the user’s location.

In conclusion, some downtime will inevitably occur. However, extensive downtime will result in lost revenue, damage your reputation and credibility, and prevent you from achieving meaningful web traffic.

It is common to find that most discount hosting services are dependable, though performance may be inconsistent from month to month, particularly when utilising a shared hosting plan.

In our survey of budget web hosting services, the uptime was remarkably high in all cases, with a more than 99% rate.

It’s amazing.

You should pick one of the hosts we tested, which yielded satisfactory results. However, you should monitor any changes in the host’s performance you decide to go with.

At the outset, it is an uphill task. However, the satisfaction of being certain that your website is functioning 24/7 makes the effort worth it.


Hostinger is a web hosting service that provides clients with an array of features and options to choose from. The website offers services that make creating and maintaining your online store and presence simple and efficient.


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Most Economical Website Hosting

What is the least expensive web hosting option? 

Can I upgrade to a budget web hosting plan? What are the speediest and least expensive web hosting packages? What are the drawbacks of inexpensive and cheap hosting plans? 

Who provides the lowest cost shared hosting?


Discovering an affordable web hosting service for your requirements can take time. 

We hope this article alleviates some of the confusion and frustration when it comes to choosing the optimal selection.

We always recommend taking a seat and devoting a moment to note your requirements. Subsequently, make a wise choice based on the items important to you and your needs.

If you’re still in the dark, our two top picks for low-cost web hosting are Hostinger and DreamHost. 

Both are good value, allowing you to get up and running with minimal outlay. However, if you need more than these, use this post as a reference to help you reach your ultimate conclusion.

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