Hi, I am Stuart

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When I started out in the content and SEO space, there was a lot of information on how to do things. 

I thought to myself, “surely growing a blog couldn’t be that difficult”. 

And I was sorely mistaken. 

Not only was it difficult – it was also time consuming, nuanced, and incredibly frustrating

After much trial and error, I built a link building machine that got me featured in 15+ guest posts every month on 70+DR sites.

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Which helped grow my Domain Rating.


And I was ranked in the top 3 positions of Google for competitive keywords in a matter of months. 

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It was obvious to me, what had to be done in order to grow an organic presence that gets results. 

And this goes beyond just ranking. It’s also about what adds to the bottom line. 

Like how I helped this company grow from $22,000 to $83,600 in organic revenue in just 3 months. 

For 1 service. 


So why were businesses spending so much money on content which got them zero eyeballs, zero rankings, and zero revenue? 

It comes down to one of 3 things: 

  • 🌐 A site issue 
  • 🔗 A linked issue 
  • ✍ A content issue 

But mainly, it mostly comes down to:

  1. The right strategy, wrong time. 
  2. Poor, inefficient, or worse –  NO intentional strategy at all.  

Your business absolutely needs the right strategy at the right time to succeed. 

👩‍💻 What I do

I turn company blogs into revenue-generating channels through highly targeted and effective Content-Led SEO strategies. 

🤝 Who I help

SaaS companies who care about their customer and user experience looking to grow and attract qualified organic traffic.

💡 What I believe

Your customers are all that matters. I start my strategies with your customers at the forefront and execute them based on data. 

Good content strategy is hard, confusing, and time-consuming.

And that’s an understatement. 

You have to:

1️⃣ Figure out the relevant content that your (buying) audience actually cares about (This. Is. Huge)

2️⃣ Write the article yourself or go through the process of finding and training a writer (30 hours minimum for an evergreen article).

3️⃣ Optimise the content to actually rank (and get read).

4️⃣ Build high-authority links to get on the Big G’s radar (Google).

5️⃣ Convert any incoming readers to leads (why else are you doing SEO?)

6️⃣ Analyze data points to see what is working (and what isn’t)

7️⃣ Pay $1000s of dollars every month on the software that gives you the right data to execute on.

When done right, content can absolutely drive revenue.

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In fact, content, along with backlinks, make up over 60% of the 200 factors Google considers. 

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But before you get ahead of yourself and start scaling out content and backlinks, know that there are building blocks to blog growth. 

If you skip the foundations and go straight to “scaling”, everything falls apart.

Here is the framework I use to absolutely ensure you get to see results from your content. 

My Bulletproof 8-Step Content Strategy Framework

👉 Know your customers. I’ll intimately analyze and understand your customers, their pain points, and their buying lifecycle.

👉 Industry and Competitor Analysis. I’ll establish a baseline for your content strategy based on your industry and analyze your competitors’ strategies. 

👉 Keyword Research. I’ll dive into finding keywords based on the data and write directly for your buying customer segment.  

👉 Hypothesis FormulationI’ll determine with you the initial strategies to test based on goals and budget. 

👉 Article Writing. I’ll write the WOW factor articles that will win your customers over.  

👉 Article Optimisation. I’ll optimize the article to actually get your content ranked and bring in organic qualified traffic. 

👉 Link acquisition. I’ll Leverage my network and outreach system to build you those quality links that big link agencies pay me for.

👉 Reporting. I’ll provide you with the full breakdown of key metrics with any executed strategies.

I’ll save you the time, energy, and guesswork that I already did the hard work for (and get results).

And I’ve had to test, iterate and refine many strategies.

I know what works and what doesn’t.

Now the thing is, SEO and content marketing are super simple. 

It’ll come to your site, content, and links. 

But simple does not mean easy. 

In fact, simple things are the hardest to execute right. But they are also the biggest drivers of growth. 

How we work together will be entirely dependent on your needs and goals. 

I can be the consultant who acts as an extension of your in-house team. Or act on set deliverables. 

You can choose things to be Done-For-Your or Done-With-You

The process is really simple:

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If you’re looking for a content strategy that is effective, worth the effort, and can get you the results in months not years. 

Then you’re in the right place. 

I only work with a few clients at the same time so you know my attention is fully on your business

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