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Treat Your Blog Like A Business Not A Hobby!

If you want to learn how to take your blog to make life-changing money, you need to stop writing and start using systems to scale your blog like a business, not a hobby.

I launched this blog in January 2022 and as you can see from my Blog Income Reports I am now building traffic and getting affiliate hits.

All this and doing my corporate job, building my blog on the side.

I took what I learned about internet marketing over 10 years and started to scale my personal brand like a start-up business.

By treating my blog like a real business from day one, I stopped being the tortured writer and became the CEO of a proper business.

I learned from the greats including Adam Enfroy who is amazing!

First, let’s face it – most blogging advice is outdated.

You are sold the dream of passive income, all the while 99% of bloggers still fail, and the same old-school influencers who started 5-10 years ago are the ones making money online.

These old-school influencers tell you to write about your passions, stay consistent, form good writing habits, and create fantastic content.

Then, a few years from now, you will finally have enough traffic to monetize your blog with affiliate links, ads, online courses, or other digital products. Don’t believe them – to grow your blog in 2022, you need new tactics based on the Content Marketing Systems approach.

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My Bulletproof 8-Step Content Marketing Strategy Framework:

Know your customers. I’ll intimately analyze and understand your customers, their pain points, and their buying lifecycle.

  • Industry and Competitor Analysis. I’ll establish a baseline for your content marketing strategy based on your industry and then analyze your competitors’ strategies.
  • Keyword Research. I’ll dive into finding keywords based off the data and write directly for your buying customer segment. 
  • Hypothesis Formulation. I’ll determine with you the initial strategies to test based on goals and budget.
  • Article Writing. I’ll write the WOW factor articles that will win your customers over.
  • Article Optimisation. I’ll SEO optimize the article to actually get your content ranked and bring in organic qualified traffic.
  • Link acquisition. I’ll Leverage my network and outreach system to build you those quality links that big link agencies pay me for.
  • Reporting. I’ll provide you with the full breakdown of key metrics with any executed strategies.

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Ryan Edmonds

I have worked with Stuart over the last 18 months and I have seen real increases in traffic to my website through his Content Marketing approach

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Maria Gabaray

Stuart’s Content Marketing strategy has transformed my blog. I was on the verge of giving up but since working with Stuart he has helped me get excited and back on track

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Clarence Harris

I brought Stuart into my business to boost my website traffic. I have tried many other ways but his well thought out strategy of link building with content marketing is really effective