Best Screen Sharing Software

Experience Unparalleled Teamwork with the Best Screen-Sharing Software!

The power of technology has revolutionised the modern workplace. 

You must ensure you have the best tools to succeed in your business in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

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Best Screen Sharing Software

A screen-sharing program can be a handy tool. 78% of corporations use video recording and calling screen-sharing software, so it is vital to have this software.

Screen-sharing software allows you to easily share your computer screen with other people, which can be invaluable for collaboration and other communication tools.

Whether you’re working with a remote team or looking for the best way to give presentations, screen-sharing software is essential.

Which screen-sharing solution will you choose? 

Make the right decision with all the options available. Here we’ll look at the best screen-sharing software available and provide an overview of their features.

Top 10 Best Screen-Sharing Software:

Whether you’re a small business, a freelancer, or a large corporation, screen-sharing software is an invaluable asset when collaborating with colleagues and clients remotely. 

With so many great options, knowing challenging right for you can be difficult. 

Here are the top 10 best screen-sharing software to make your decision easier. From free and open-source solutions to enterprise-level options, we have you covered.


Best for Work from anywhere with full access ($15 per month). 

Teanviewer 1
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TeamViewer is a remote desktop software allowing users to access and control another computer or mobile device remotely.

With TeamViewer, users can easily collaborate with colleagues or provide technical support to clients by sharing their screens, transferring files, and communicating via chat or video conferencing.

It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices, and offers features such as session recording, remote printing, and multiple monitor support. Businesses and individuals widely use TeamViewer for remote work, online meetings, and online training sessions.

Out of 10
Best ForRemote Sharing
Annual DiscountYes

Teamviewer is a powerful and reliable screen-sharing software that makes it quick and secure to access a remote computer and share files.

It is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform allowing users to create and share content, collaborate on projects, and engage in online video meetings.

With its versatile capabilities and reliability, Teamviewer is the best choice for anyone looking for a dependable screen-sharing solution.

One of Teamviewer’s main features is establishing connections between devices for incoming and outgoing data.

It allows users to securely connect to a remote device or computer and access or transfer files, documents, and other data.
This feature is handy for businesses that require remote support and other team collaboration software.

As well as providing remote support, Teamviewer provides real-time assistance. This feature enables clients to get immediate help from a remote technician, who can access their remote device control their computer remotely and provide the necessary technical assistance.

This feature is convenient for businesses and individuals, as it eliminates costly on-site visits.

This software lets users participate in online meetings and collaborations with other apps.

This feature makes it easy for customers to collaborate on projects and projects with other people from all over the world.
With its versatile capabilities, employees can efficiently conduct meetings, send messages and share documents.

Key Features:

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  • Work from anywhere with full access to any device
  • Instant remote support for customers and employees
  • Highly secure – end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication, and granular access management
  • Visual assistance powered by augmented reality is convenient, fast, and secure.

User Experience:

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Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Chrome OS, Raspberry Pi, and Android are all supported by Teamviewer.

This makes it compatible with almost any device, allowing users to access their computers anywhere.

With its remote desktop support optimized for instant access, clients can quickly access their computers without installing or granting administrator rights.
This makes it simple to have remote access to a computer without needing extra setup.

Teamviewer has an impressive 2.5+ billion connected devices and 320+ million active devices. These figures speak for themselves and clarify that Teamviewer is one of today’s most popular and reliable screen-sharing solutions.

To further increase its reliability, Teamviewer is trusted by major companies such as Philips, Microsoft, and iRobot.


Teamviewer 2

Teamviewer offers three pricing plans:

  • Free Plan – (Remote control of computers and devices, File transfer, Chat, Wake-on-LAN).
  • Business Plan ($15/Month) – (Remote control of computers and devices, File transfer, Chat, Wake-on-LAN, Meetings and presentations, User management, Mobile device support, Custom branding).
  • Premium Plan ($30/Month) – (All the features of the Business Plan, Session recording, Remote printing, Mass deployment, Advanced device groupings, Custom device information fields).

What I Like/Dislike | About Teamviewer:


  • Supported by all devices (Andriod, IOS, Raspberry Pi, etc.)
  • Securely connects users to remote computers.
  • Teamviewer also allows participants to take part in online meetings and collaborations.
  • Accessing computers is quick and easy without installing or granting administrator rights


  • TeamViewer isn’t accessible for commercial purposes and requires a license.

Global Meet

Best for connection anywhere in the world ($12 per month). 

Global Meet 1
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GlobalMeet is a cloud-based video conferencing and collaboration platform that facilitates virtual meetings, webinars, and events.

It enables users to host high-quality audio and video meetings, screen sharing, and interactive collaboration features such as virtual whiteboards and chat. GlobalMeet is accessible on various devices, including desktop and mobile devices, and offers a range of customizable features to fit the needs of different organizations.

With GlobalMeet, users can easily schedule and join meetings, share content, and engage with remote participants in real-time, making it an ideal solution for remote teams, businesses, and educational institutions.

Out of 10
Best ForCloud Based
Annual DiscountNo
Try Global Meet

Global Meet’s screen-sharing software has recently been updated with a new and improved user interface, making it easier to navigate and use.

This software makes it easy to take your online experience to the next level by providing flawless execution of meetings and events with operator assistance.
With Global Meet, you can organize online meetings and conference calls from anywhere.

You can also take advantage of their G Suite Integration feature, which enables,s you to increase efficiency and save time using calendar-integration features.
Moreover, Global Meet offers multilingual support in different languages so you can access local language support representatives.

This makes it easier for you to communicate with international clients and customers without any language barrier.

Key Features:

Global Meet 1 1
  • A virtual face-to-face connection anywhere in the world through video conferencing.
  • Simple one-click screen sharing
  • Meeting controls like start meeting, mute yourself and sharing your webcam
  • 24/7 access to customer care

User Experience:

Globalmeet 3

But the best feature differentiating Global Meet from the competition is its exceptional screen-sharing capabilities.

With this software, you can quickly screen share your documents, images, and other digital files with your team members, clients, and customers.

Aside from locking meetings, Global Meet allows you to record and archive meetings, set up polls, share presentations, and more. These features make it ideal for online meetings, events, and managed services.


Global Meet 2

Global Meet offers three pricing plans:

  • Essential Plan ($12/Month) – (Host meetings for up to 125 participants, Unlimited meetings, with no time limits, Screen sharing and virtual whiteboards, Recording and playback of meetings, Personalized meeting URLs, In-meeting chat, Integration with Outlook, Google Calendar, and other productivity tools).
  • Professional Plan (Custom Price) – (Host webinars and webcasts for up to 10,000 attendees, Live and on-demand webcasts, Interactive features such as polls, Q&A, and chat, Detailed analytics and reporting, Branding and customization options, Event production and management services available).
  • Enterprises (Custom Price) – (Custom pricing based on organization needs, Premium audio conferencing services, Professional operators to manage and assist with calls, Customizable call controls and features, Recording and playback of calls, 24/7 customer support and assistance).

What I Like/Dislike | About Global Meet:


  • It gives you high-definition video
  • Unlimited cloud space for recording
  • Digital Whiteboarding (Type texts, draw shapes and images)
  • Fully managed audio calls


  • Some users have a complaint about audio issues, especially in MAC devices.
Try Global Meet


Best for access the software through a mobile application ($9 per month). 

Samepage 1
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Samepage is a cloud-based team collaboration and project management platform that enables teams to collaborate, communicate, and manage tasks and projects in real time.

It offers a variety of features, such as team messaging, video conferencing, task management, file sharing, and content creation, all in one place.

Samepage provides a centralized workspace where teams can organize and streamline their work, making it an ideal solution for remote teams, project managers, and businesses of all sizes.

The platform is accessible on desktop and mobile devices and provides integrations with popular productivity tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office.

Out of 10
Best ForCentralized Workspace
PriceVery Good
Annual DiscountNo

Samepage screen-sharing software lets users collaborate on documents and share screens from the comfort of their own devices.

To ensure that files are up to date, Samepage provides file syncing functionality between PCs and mobile devices.

This allows users to access and update documents from any location, allowing real-time collaboration.

Additionally, Samepage is compatible with a wide range of file types, including but not limited to Google Docs, MS Office, images, and videos.
Searches can be used to quickly find files within Samepage, making it easy to locate specific documents.

Furthermore, Samepage offers iOS, Android, and Windows phone apps, allowing clients to access the same information from the same screen on multiple devices.

Key Features:

Sampage 3
  • Tools can be segmented based on the role of the administrator.
  • When a user is contacted or tagged, it notifies them.
  • You can access the software through a mobile application that can be downloaded.
  • Other external software can also be integrated with the application

User Experience:

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Moreover, users can get notified when files are updated, added, deleted, or moved, keeping them in the know when it comes to essential changes.
The screen-sharing platform lets users share individual files and folders inside or outside the organization.

This makes it convenient to share documents with other collaborators while maintaining control over who has access to the data. Additionally, multiple users can simultaneously work on the same collaborative document editing, enabling real-time collaboration.


Sampage 2

Samepage offers three pricing plans:

  • Free Plan – (Unlimited users and guests, Up to 2GB storage, Up to 10 team pages, Basic task management, Group chat and video calling, File sharing and collaboration tools, Basic integrations).
  • Standard Plan ($9Month) – (All Free plan features, plus:, Unlimited storage, Unlimited team pages, Advanced task management features, Advanced integrations, Priority customer support).
  • Pro Plan ($11/Month) – (All Standard plan features, plus, Project portfolios, Custom branding, Advanced admin controls, User management and security, Advanced reporting and analytics).

What I Like/Dislike | About Samepage:


  • It provides users with the ability to communicate via video call.
  • Screen-sharing sessions can be recorded for later review.
  • Live documents can be embedded into websites.
  • Provides suggestions that the document owner can accept or reject when reviewing documents


  • The free plan needs to be more features.


Best for creating your own dedicated online meeting room ($29 per month). 

Clearslide 1
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Clearside is a cloud-based software platform designed to help organizations manage their strategic plans, goals, and performance metrics.

It offers a range of features such as goal setting, progress tracking, and reporting, all in one central location. Clearside aims to streamline the strategic planning process, allowing organizations to set clear goals, monitor progress, and make data-driven decisions.

The platform provides a range of customizable templates and features to suit the needs of different organizations, making it an ideal solution for businesses, non-profits, and government organizations.

Clearside is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, and provides real-time collaboration and communication features for team members.

Out of 10
Best ForDedicated Meeting Room
Annual DiscountNo

Clearside screen-sharing software has all the necessary features to keep your business running smoothly.

It offers secure, fast, and reliable screen-sharing functionality. It also provides various tools and features that make collaborating with colleagues and customers easy.

Clearside’s Activity Dashboard lets you see who attends meetings and what they do.
It lets participants see your screen in real-time without latency or technical glitches.
This helps ensure that meetings move along quickly and efficiently and gives insight into how participants engage with the content.

The audio file management feature of Clearside makes it possible to keep presentations moving and easily switch between slides, full-screen sharing features, or rich media seamlessly.

This is great for addressing questions or discussing topics.
With integrated audio and video conferencing tools, video streaming, and multimedia presentations, Clearside has all the features you need to ensure successful meetings.

Key Features:

Clearslide 1 1
  • You can create your own dedicated online meeting room with your URL
  • Meetings can be started or scheduled instantly from anywhere
  • It combines all the communications features of the tools you currently use – email, screen-sharing software, online conferencing, and video – into a single, intuitive interface
  • Combine interactive slides, web-based content, and videos into a single presentation that supports all file types.

User Experience:

Clearslide 3

After the meeting, meeting details and analytics can be automatically logged back into CRM.

This allows you to save time and effort regarding reporting, as the data is already there for you. This is great for keeping track of meeting progress and any changes or updates that need to be made.

In addition, Clearside’s high-definition video and multimedia presentations make it an excellent choice for any conference or exhibition. The clear and sharp visuals make it easy to get your message across. And with the integrated audio and video conferencing solution they feature, your meetings can be even more dynamic.


Clearslide prices

Clearside offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan ($29/Month) – (1 user, Up to 5 goals, Up to 3 reports, Customizable templates, Basic integrations, Email support).
  • Growth Plan ($59/Month) – (Up to 5 users, Up to 25 goals, Up to 10 reports, All Starter plan features, plus:, Advanced integrations, Priority email support, Custom branding, Dedicated account manager).
  • Enterprise Plan (Custom Price) – (Custom pricing based on organization needs, Unlimited users, Unlimited goals and reports, All Growth plan features, plus, Advanced security features, Custom permissions and user roles, Single sign-on (SSO) authentication, API access, Onboarding and training).

What I Like/Dislike | About Clearside:


  • Audio file management is an added feature
  • CRM integrated
  • High-quality video
  • Can record for future viewing


  • It does not work well on mobile phone


Best for access to conferences without requiring users ($15 per month). 

demodesk 1
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Demodesk is a cloud-based software platform designed to help sales and customer success teams to engage and convert customers.

It offers a range of features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, and collaboration tools, all in one central location. Demodesk aims to streamline the sales process, allowing sales teams to personalize their sales presentations, demos, and follow-up communication, leading to higher conversions and customer retention.

The platform provides a range of customizable templates and features to suit the needs of different organizations, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

Demodesk is accessible on desktop and mobile devices and provides real-time collaboration and communication features for team members.

Out of 10
Best ForCustomer Engagement
Annual DiscountNo

Demodesk screen-sharing software offers a simple, streamlined alternative.
It has a single-click solution for sharing your screen with others with just a few clicks.
It is the perfect tool for creating an interactive and seamless meeting experience for reps and customers, enabling agents to focus on the sale and providing customers with a better connection and improved engagement.

The interactive and seamless meeting experience that Demodesk offers is designed to keep the focus on the sale without distracting tech.

Reps can quickly provide customer demonstrations, answer questions, and provide customer support.

Every meeting is automatically loaded with the perfect playbook by Demodesk. This ensures that reps are using the most up-to-date and compelling pitch.
Plus, agents can access deep insights from their CRM to help tailor their pitch and engage prospects.

By giving you better visibility into the performance of top sales reps, Demodesk helps you understand why they are successful.

Key Features:

Demodesk LinkedIn
  • Conferences can be recorded for future use with native functionality.
  • Provides access to conferences without requiring users to download or sign in
  • Allows users to video conference using a mobile app or mobile-optimized website.
  • Prevents booking errors by automatically detecting both parties’ time zones

User Experience:

demodesk 3

This allows you to see what works and what needs improvement.
Demodesk ensures reps retain and incorporate company-approved messaging and presentations into emails, calls, meetings, etc.
Your company’s messaging is always under your control.
Reps can draw, write, and brainstorm with prospects using Demodesk’s virtual whiteboard. Agents can use this to engage prospects and ensure they understand what they discuss.


Demodisk 2

Demodesk offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan ($15/Month) – (Screen sharing, Personalized scheduling links, Customizable meeting rooms, Basic integrations, Email and chat support).
  • Professional Plan ($35/Month) – (All Starter plan features, plus, Video conferencing, Session recording and playback, Meeting notes and action items, Advanced integrations, Priority email and chat support).
  • Enterprise Plan (Custom) – (Custom pricing based on organization needs, All Professional plan features, plus:, Custom onboarding and training, Dedicated account manager, Custom branding and design, Customized integrations and reporting, 24/7 phone, email, and chat support).

What I Like/Dislike | About Demodesk:


  • Multiple calendars are supported, including Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and iCloud Calendar.
  • Provides video conferencing tools for virtual appointments
  • You can give virtual presentations to prospects by sharing your screen.
  • Integrates seamlessly with calendar software to schedule calls.


  • Note-taking is not possible


Best-for sessions can be transferred securely to a Space($16 per month). 

Surfly 1
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Stuarts Take

Surfly is a cloud-based co-browsing platform that allows users to share web sessions with others in real-time.

It enables users to share their screen with others without requiring them to download any software or plugins, making it easy to collaborate on web applications, documents, and other digital assets.

Surfly works on any device, and users can easily switch between different devices while co-browsing. It also includes session recording, real-time chat, and advanced security features such as SSL encryption to ensure secure browsing.

Surfly is an ideal solution for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their collaboration and productivity by simplifying the co-browsing process.

Out of 10
Best ForCollaboration
Annual DiscountYes

Universal Co-browsing allows users to navigate and interact with a web page in real-time.

This is incredibly useful for customer service, as it paves the way for a more comprehensive and interactive experience for both the customer and the representative.

It also makes for a more efficient workflow, providing faster navigation of web pages and interaction with them.
Video chat enables multiple users to connect face-to-face and provides a personal touch to customers.

This makes it possible for more effective communication between customers and representatives.
Furthermore, it empowers customers to better and more accurately explain their concerns and problems, which leads to better customer service.

Surfly’s secure screen-sharing tool lets people share screen content on their computers.
Using this free tool, you can collaborate on projects in real-time and work on them together.

It allows users to easily share documents and files, which is great for businesses or teams that need to share files quickly.
File sharing is another excellent feature that Surfly offers. Users can upload offline files and view them together, which is incredibly useful for collaborative work. It also allows for a more accessible remote desktop sharing app side of documents, which is excellent for businesses that need to share documents quickly and securely.

Key Features:

Surfly 1 1
  • In Spaces, companies can securely fill out forms and contracts with customers by adding text, annotations, images, and other attachments.
  • It is easy to customize all Surfly features. (Element masking, video chat, etc.)
  • To maintain session continuity, existing authenticated sessions can be transferred securely to a Space.
  • Adding the CSS selector to the Surfly dashboard allows you to hide fundamental HTML elements, including divs, images, and text.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 2023 05 15T080403.005

Using Surfly, you can also e-sign contracts and documents. This feature enables users to easily create a signature and drag it to the right place in a Space.

This makes it incredibly easy to sign documents without printing them out and sending them via post.

Surfly also offers field masking to protect customer privacy and comply with regulatory requirements.
This makes it possible for sensitive customer data to be easily hidden in form fields, ensuring that customer data is secure and not accessible to anyone else.


Surfly 2

Surfly offers three pricing plans:

  • Free Plan – (Free of charge, Up to 100 sessions per month, Limited to 2 participants per session, No SSL encryption or session recording, Basic chat support).
  • Pro Plan($16/Month) – (Up to 1,000 sessions per month, Up to 10 participants per session, SSL encryption and session recording, Advanced chat support).
  • Custom Plan (Custom Price) – (Custom pricing based on organization needs, Unlimited sessions per month, Up to 50 participants per session, Custom SSL encryption and session recording settings, Dedicated support team).

What I Like/Dislike | About Surfly:


  • Users can configure periodic snapshots to capture a screenshot every 10 seconds or triggers to capture screenshots when they draw or annotate in a Space.
  • Allowlists and blocklists allow you to restrict which sites your visitors can access. Surfly works across the entire web.
  • In terms of security and compliance, Surfly adheres to industry standards. (ISO27001 certified.)
  • With Single Sign On, users can sign into their Surfly accounts using their identity providers.


  • Set up a remote session five to ten minutes before the appointment time. It would be best if it could be rescheduled in advance.

Star Leaf

Best for Participants can notify conference hosts($15 per month). 

Starleaf 1
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Stuarts Take

StarLeaf is a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform that enables users to connect and collaborate in real time across different devices and locations.

The platform offers video conferencing, messaging, and meeting room solutions for businesses of all sizes.

StarLeaf’s video conferencing software provides an intuitive user interface and reliable HD video and audio quality, allowing users to have high-quality video calls with colleagues, customers, and partners.

The platform also includes messaging and file-sharing capabilities, making collaborating on projects easy and communicating with team members.

With StarLeaf, users can also connect with other video conferencing systems and platforms, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across different organizations. The venue is easy to deploy, manage, and use, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their communication and collaboration capabilities.

Out of 10
Best ForOverall Web Hosting
PriceOverall Web Hosting
Annual DiscountOverall Web Hosting
PromotionOverall Web Hosting
Try Star Leaf

Star Leaf screen-sharing software makes it easy to share your screen with others.
In addition to its reliability and ease of use, it is packed with features that make it the best screen-sharing program available.

The software provides a live chat feed during a screen-sharing session so that you can communicate with your attendees more easily and quickly.
It also allows users to communicate via audio and video channels, making it an excellent collaboration tool.

Moreover, Star Leaf blocks notifications from other applications from appearing during a screen-sharing session, ensuring your presentation is uninterrupted.

Presenters can relinquish presenter access to another user in a call, allowing groups to switch between displays and discussions easily.
In addition, screen-sharing sessions can be protected with passwords, making them a secure method of sharing sensitive information.

Key Features:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 2023 05 15T082344.597
  • Annotates and draws on a blank digital whiteboard at the same time.
  • You can share your desktop screen or an application with everyone at the conference.
  • Participants can notify conference hosts when they want to speak at a conference.
  • There is native functionality for recording conferences for later use.

User Experience:

StarLeaf for teams 1335x690 1

Additionally, it allows users to record screen-sharing sessions for later review, making it a handy feature for business meetings or educational purposes.
Last but not least, Star Leaf integrates with external calendar software, making it easy to schedule meetings.

It also allows users to share their computer screen with another screen in the physical meeting room.

You don’t have to worry about setting up different displays in the same personal meeting rooms. Plus, the software can host multiple screens in a single room, making it an excellent tool for larger meetings.



Star Leaf offers three pricing plans:

  • Standard Plan ($15/Month) – (Includes unlimited 1:1 video meetings, Up to 50 participants per meeting, Custom branding and backgrounds, Screen sharing and recording, Unlimited messaging and file sharing, Integration with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Calendar).
  • Pro Plan (Custom Price) – (Custom pricing based on organization needs, Includes all features of the Standard plan, plus:, Up to 100 participants per meeting, Advanced analytics and reporting, Cloud recording and storage, Enhanced security features such as SSO and MFA, Dedicated customer support).

What I Like/Dislike | About Star Leaf:


  • Mobile apps or mobile-optimized websites allow users to video conference from their smartphones and tablets.
  • The software can be downloaded as desktop applications.
  • During screen-sharing, notifications from other applications are blocked.
  • Screen-sharing sessions can be password-protected.


  • The software could have optimized the video quality in remote areas with better networks.
Try Star Leaf


Best for Screen Mirroring ($15 per month). 

Ditto 1

Stuarts Take

Ditto is a wireless screen mirroring and digital signage platform that enables users to share and display content from any device on any screen.

The platform is designed for businesses of all sizes and provides a simple and intuitive interface for users to wirelessly connect and share their device screens with other users or display screens.

Ditto supports a wide range of devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks. The platform also includes digital signage capabilities, allowing users to display custom content on screens and remotely manage multiple screens from a central location.

With Ditto, users can collaborate and share content in real-time, improving productivity and enhancing collaboration. The platform is easy to deploy and manage, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their digital collaboration and signage needs.

Out of 10
Best ForScreen Mirroring
Annual DiscountNo

Ditto is perfect for you if you need to share a screen or multiple screens in your business, classroom, or other organization.

Its screen organisations are incredibly straightforward to use and set up.
The software allows users to share screens from various devices, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, Android devices, Chromebooks, and Windows machines.

It also permits visitors to upload photos, videos, and URLs to live web pages in various media formats.

This makes it very straightforward to add content to any presentation or meeting.
The annotation feature of Ditto is also straightforward to use and helps people communicate ideas and concepts.

With the annotation feature, users can quickly draw, add text, and highlight specific areas on the screen. This makes it easier to explain ideas and draw attention to important points.

Key Features:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 2023 05 15T102458.559
  • Compatible with existing hardware.
  • A shared screen can be controlled by audience members using cursors or tools.
  • Screen-sharing sessions can be password-protected.
  • Recording screen-sharing sessions allow users to review them later.

User Experience:

ditto 3

Ditto provides powerful tools for creating digital signage that allows you to upload and organize multiple screens into a single unit easily.

This feature allows customers to edit images and text within their designs. This makes it easier for users to create custom signage for their organization.
Ditto offers a scheduling feature that lets customers schedule idle displays without sharing screens.

This feature helps users save electricity and money by only powering up their displays when they are in use. This also helps reduce the wear and tear on the displays.


Ditto 2

Ditto offers two pricing plans:

  • Standard Plan ($15/Month) – (Supports up to two simultaneous connections, Unlimited user access, Digital signage capabilities, Custom branding, 24/7 support).
  • Custom Plan (Custom Price) – (Custom pricing based on organization needs, Includes all features of the Standard plan, plus, Supports up to four simultaneous connections, Enhanced security features such as SSL encryption and two-factor authentication, Advanced analytics and reporting, Single sign-on (SSO) integration, Dedicated account manager).

What I Like/Dislike | About Ditto:


  • The content displayed across digital screens can be controlled remotely.
  • The ability to schedule digital signage content in advance.
  • A single screen can be used to organize multiple screens.
  • Digital signage network content can be controlled by individuals with different roles within the operator’s organization.


  • Recommendations for feature changes were met with little enthusiasm by the customer service team.


Best for mobile-friendly website for video conferencing ($9 per month).

Visple 1


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Stuarts Take

Visiple is a video conferencing platform that provides reliable, high-quality video and audio calls for businesses of all sizes.

The platform is designed to be easy to use and accessible from any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Visiple offers a range of features such as screen sharing, recording, virtual backgrounds, and chat, making it easy for users to collaborate and communicate with their colleagues or clients.

The platform also supports third-party integrations, including Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, enabling users to connect and schedule meetings seamlessly.

With Visiple, businesses can reduce travel costs, increase productivity, and improve communication with their remote teams and clients. The platform is available in a range of pricing plans to suit different organizational needs and budgets.

Out of 10
Best ForVideo & Audio Call
Annual DiscountNo
Try Visiple

With its intuitive interface, Visiple makes it simple to share documents, photos, and presentations with others.

Using Visiple’s personalized cloud-based meetings, users can securely collaborate on projects with more control and flexibility than ever before.

One feature that makes Visiple stand out is its commitment to privacy.
With GDPR Privacy rules, 128-bit encryption, and lockdown tools like instant entry or one-time PIN codes, consumers can rest assured that their information is safe and secure.

Visiple meets the highest user security and privacy standards, ensuring all data is protected from unauthorized access.

Visiple also allows seamless user communication with real-time messaging and live video streaming capabilities.

This facilitates audio and video communication, gives audience members control of cursors or tools on the shared screen, and even entitles presenters to give another user presenter access.

Key Features:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 2023 05 15T103752.132
  • Access to conferences as moderators, presenters, or participants–individually or in groups.
  • Provides a mobile app or mobile-friendly website for video conferencing on smartphones and tablets.
  • Display a desktop screen or a program with the conference attendees.
  • Screen-sharing sessions can be password-protected.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 2023 05 15T103738.853

Whether it’s a call session recording a video call, an audio or hd video call, or a text chat, Visiple makes it effortless to stay connected.

Visiple also has a screen-sharing app that allows you to share desktop screens and applications with all conference participants.

This feature allows users to easily share their work with colleagues or family, allowing quick collaboration.

Additionally, Visiple’s scheduling feature makes setting up and attending virtual meetings easy. Its calendar and email software integration makes setting up and attending web meetings even more straightforward.


Visiple 2

Visiple offers three pricing plans:

  • Free Plan – (1-to-1 video calls, Limited to 10-minute calls, Limited features).
  • Pro Plan ($9/Month) – (Up to 50 participants, Unlimited meeting duration, Custom branding, Screen sharing, recording, and virtual backgrounds).
  • Business Plan ($12/Month) – (Up to 75 participants, Customized meeting rooms, API access, Webinar mode, Advanced analytics and reporting).

What I Like/Dislike | About Visiple:


  • Downloadable desktop applications are available for the software.
  • To launch a conference, a user does not need to download an application to their computer.
  • No download or login is required for users to join a conference
  • Native functionality allows the recording of conferences for later use.


  • It doesn’t have a CRM integration
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Best for share the same content across multiple displays($5 per month). 

Airtame 1
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Stuarts Take

Airtame is a wireless presentation and digital signage platform that enables users to stream content wirelessly from any device to any screen, including TVs, projectors, and monitors.

The platform is designed to be easy to use and can be used in a range of settings, including classrooms, boardrooms, and public spaces.

Airtame offers a range of features, including screen mirroring, digital signage, and remote device management, making it easy for users to create and display dynamic content.

The platform also supports third-party integrations, including Google Slides, PowerPoint, and AirPlay, enabling users to connect and present their content seamlessly.

Airtame is available in a range of pricing plans to suit different organizational needs and budgets.

Out of 10
Best ForMultiple Displays
Annual DiscountNo
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Regarding screen-sharing apps, Airtame is a top contender for the best available software.
With features like peer-to-peer sync, Windows touchback capability, and Pin code connection.

Airtame is an excellent tool for ensuring meetings and classes start on time and that presenters change smoothly.

The Airtame desktop app can easily present content on multiple screens.
There is an integrated screen-sharing feature for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, while Android devices and Chrome browsers can use Google Cast to mirror the screen.

One of the main advantages of Airtame is the Pin code connect feature. This allows users to set up a password to prevent unwanted streams from being shared to the wrong display. As a result, there is no need to enter a code each time a presentation is shared manually.

The Touchback support for Windows environments is also a big plus.
This lets users quickly switch between presenters since the touchback feature allows for the fast switchover, meaning presentations can be changed soon and resumed by different speakers.

Key Features:

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  • You can keep presenter notes private by sharing a single document, window, or app.
  • From your computer, you can share the same content across multiple displays.
  • You can control your display’s sound from your device.
  • A Windows domain can use Airtame devices for smooth authentication.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 2023 05 15T105634.304

In addition, Airtame supports a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The software is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, meaning almost any device can be used with Airtame.

Significant company trust enhances Airtame’s reputation for quality companies trust.
Companies such as Amnesty International, the England Cricket Board, Shopify, and Schneider Electric use Airtame to share content, showing the software’s reliability and effectiveness.


Airtame 2

Airtame offers three pricing plans:

  • Free – (Cloud-based device management, Basic digital signage features, Remote firmware updates).
  • Airtame Standard ($249/Month) – (All features of Airtame Cloud plan, plus, Wireless screen sharing, Custom digital signage, Full-screen mode).
  • Airtame Enterprise (Custom Pricing) – (Custom pricing based on organization needs, Includes all features of Airtame Standard, plus, Active directory integration, Priority support, Multi-screen support, Device usage analytics).

What I Like/Dislike | About Airtame:


  • Peer-to-peer connectivity and Windows Touchback support are available.
  • Multi-display sharing is possible from your computer.
  • From different VLANs and internals, guests and students can present wirelessly.
  • Using Chrome or Android, you can mirror your screen using Google Cast.


  • On Airtame, sound clarity is always an issue, resulting in multiple screen connections and disconnections.
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What To Look For in Screen-Sharing Software?

Here are five things to consider when looking for the perfect screen-sharing software for your business.

1. Compatibility

Selecting screen-sharing software based on its compatibility is essential. 

Most screen-sharing programs are designed to work with various computers, operating systems, and web browsers. 

It is necessary to ensure that the software you choose is compatible with your system and the necessary hardware. Furthermore, the software should be able to support multiple users and platforms. 

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Most programs are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but some may not be compatible with specific versions of each platform. 

Additionally, compatibility with other programs is also essential.

 For example, if you need to collaborate in real time, the software should be able to integrate with video conferencing and chat programs. 

Last but not least, it is essential that the chosen software is secure so that any data shared will not be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

2. Security

The security of the software is an integral factor in selecting the right software.

The first step is to ensure the software is encrypted. 

This will ensure the information shared is not vulnerable to hacking or data theft. The software must be able to support two-factor authentication.

 This prevents unauthorized access to the shared material.

To ensure data privacy, the software must offer features such as password protection and the ability to revoke access. 

This will ensure that only authorized personnel can access the shared information and prevent malicious actors from gaining access.

A support system should be in place in case of issues or security concerns. The support team will be available to answer any questions and help resolve any security issues.

3. Ease of use

Screen-sharing software ought to be easy to use when selecting it. Installing, setting up, and offering a simple user interface must be quick and straightforward. 

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 2023 05 15T110527.512

The software is designed to allow users to quickly and easily share their screen with others and provide good-quality video and audio.

 It also offers features such as a chat room for users to communicate and collaborate and the ability to record sessions. 

Additionally, it must be able to share files, applications, and other data. Furthermore, the control features of the software must be intuitive to use, allowing individuals to control who can view their screen and who can’t. 

To assist users in case of a problem, the best desktop-sharing software also needs to include a sound help system. 

All of these factors should be considered when selecting screen-sharing software so that the experience of using the software is as smooth and productive as possible.

4. Cost

Choosing screen-sharing software is influenced by its cost—generally, the more advanced and feature-rich the software, the higher the price. 

Free and low-cost tools are available but may have a different level of functionality. 

Some more expensive software packages may include additional features such as file-sharing and remote control capabilities. 

Some features may be more critical than others, and it is crucial to weigh the cost of the software against the most beneficial features.

 The scalability and reliability of the software can affect the cost. 

5. Features (like document sharing, audio and video conferencing, whiteboarding, etc.)

Screen-sharing software empowers teams and individuals to collaborate, share knowledge, and stay connected in any organization. 

It provides video and audio conferencing, whiteboarding, and more features. When selecting the right software for the job, the right parts can make all the difference. 

Document sharing, for example, is an excellent way for teams to share important documents and files securely and quickly. 

Audio and video conferencing allow users to communicate with each other quickly and conveniently, while whiteboarding lets people draw and collaborate on ideas in real time. 

These features help teams to work efficiently while providing a safe and secure environment for data sharing. 

With the right screen-sharing software, teams can ensure that their ideas, documents, and files are safe and secure while also being able to collaborate and communicate effectively.


What are the advantages of using screen-sharing software?

Screen-sharing software has many advantages. It can increase collaboration, save time, reduce costs, and make it easier to work remotely. 

It also makes sharing information, providing support, and collaborating with colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders easier. 

How secure is screen-sharing software?

The level of security of screen-sharing software depends on the platform. Most platforms use encryption and other security measures to protect user data, but some may be more secure than others. 

Researching and comparing different platforms’ security features is vital to ensure that the software is secure enough for the user’s needs. 

What are the costs associated with screen-sharing software?

The cost of screen-sharing software can vary depending on the platform and needed features.

 Generally, most platforms offer free trial versions with limited features and subscription plans with more advanced features. 

Researching and comparing the different pricing options ensures the user gets the best value for their money.

What features do good screen-sharing software have?

Good screen-sharing software should have features that make it easy to use and help maximise collaboration. Features like remote control, file sharing, video conferencing, whiteboard, and screen recording are essential for good screen-sharing software. Security measures such as passwords and data encryption are also necessary. 

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 2023 05 15T110511.034

What is the best paid screen-sharing software?

The best paid screen-sharing software available is TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a secure and reliable tool that allows you to share your screen with other users in real time easily. 

It has various advanced features allowing collaboration and remote control, such as file sharing, remote printing, and more.

Are there any free screen-sharing software options?

Yes, there are several free options available depending on your needs. 

Zoom is the most popular free option, which offers a free tier with unlimited meetings and up to 40 minutes of group and video calls and conferencing. 

Other popular free options include Google Hangouts and Skype, which offer limited features. Additionally, several open-source screen-sharing solutions like TeamViewer, AnyDesk, and VNC Viewer exist.

Over To You!

The best screen-sharing software is the one that best fits the user’s needs and budget. Screen-sharing software can facilitate collaboration, help with remote customer support, and allow remote team meetings. 

Moreover, the best screen share software should provide high-quality video, audio, and security features that are easy to set up and use.

 When selecting the best screen-sharing software, it is essential to consider its features, customer service, and any additional costs associated with its use.