HR is not just a necessary evil but also an opportunity for businesses to foster growth and loyalty.

As small business owners, you know all too well plenty of distractions in the daily grind make it easy to overlook this function.

HR 1

However, even if you’re managing on your own with only one employee or less than 100 workers, turnover can be high sometimes, so ensuring everything runs smoothly should take up some time outside any other responsibilities.

HR software provides a huge help in the form of automation and process creation. This review looks at the best hr software for hr processes and hr software for small businesses.

Thanks to these automated programs, you’ll spend less time on tedious, repetitive tasks, such as filling out forms for job seekers or maintaining databases with employee information.

HR software for small businesses is a must-have these days without the need for hr managers.

With 74% of companies surveyed by PWC in 2020 planning to increase spending on HR tech, there’s no better time than now.

Our top 10+ picks below will help you decide which tool best fits your needs as an employer or employee.

10+ Best HR Software


Best for Manage HR Platforms ($8 per month). 

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Stuarts Take

Zenefits is a cloud-based human resources (HR) platform that offers an integrated solution for businesses to manage their HR processes and employee benefits.

It provides a range of features, including online onboarding, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, payroll management, and compliance management.

With its intuitive interface and customizable features, Zenefits simplifies HR processes and helps companies manage their employees more efficiently.

Out of 10
Best ForSimplified HR
Annual DiscountYes

Zenefits is a Human Resource and Business Administration software company that’s been around for three years.

In those short times, they are our top choice in both categories!
Their product design makes it one of the best options for startups or small businesses looking into human resources management solutions.

Zenefits is a complete HR solution for small business owners with its intuitive and easy-to-use features.

Alongside this, it offers access to real humans who can help, making them stand out from other providers.

The application itself has been designed so that even those who don’t know much about computers will feel at home navigating through the interface.

While also being very powerful in terms of functionality, which makes using Zenefits really enjoyable rather than stressful or laborious like some other programs might make you do

Key Features:

Zenefits 1
  • Online Onboarding: Zenefits streamlines the new hire process by allowing employees to complete all necessary forms and paperwork online.
  • Benefits Administration: Zenefits provides a comprehensive platform for managing employee benefits, including health insurance, 401(k) plans, and other perks.
  • Time and Attendance Tracking: Zenefits allows employees to log their hours and track time off, providing accurate and up-to-date information on employee schedules.
  • Payroll Management: Zenefits integrates with leading payroll providers to streamline the payroll process and ensure accurate and timely employee payments.
  • Compliance Management: Zenefits helps businesses stay compliant with HR regulations by providing real-time updates on changing laws and providing the necessary forms and documentation.
  • Customizable Dashboard: Zenefits offers a customizable dashboard that provides an overview of HR data, including employee information, benefits, and time off requests.
  • Mobile App: Zenefits has a mobile app that enables employees to access their HR information and manage their benefits.
  • Advanced Reporting: Zenefits provides advanced reporting tools that help businesses better understand their HR data and make informed decisions.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 2

Zenefits is a cloud-based software that makes it easy to transition your company’s payroll, health insurance and retirement plans from the old system.

The team at Zenefits are experienced developers who offer 24/7 customer service with feature requests being completed within one week.

Zenefits has a team of HR experts available to answer your questions.
The system is free for small-to-medium-sized companies looking for an innovative web-based platform and at no cost.


Zenefits 2

Zenefits offers three pricing plans:

  • Essentials ($8/Month) – (Automated Onboarding, Employee Management, Time Off Tracking, Scheduling, Integrations, Mobile App, Analytics Dashboards).
  • Growth ($16/Month) – (Automated Onboarding, Employee Management, Time Off Tracking, Scheduling, Integrations, Mobile App, Analytics Dashboards, Configurable People Analytics, Compensation Management).
  • Zen ($21/Month) – (Automated Onboarding, Employee Management, Time Off Tracking, Scheduling, Integrations, Mobile App, Analytics Dashboards, Configurable People Analytics, Compensation Management).

What I Like/Dislike | About Zenefits:


  • Streamlined HR Processes
  • Improved Employee Experience
  • Increased Efficiency


  • Limited Integration
  • User Adoption
  • Cost

Mighty Recruiter

Best Solution that Helps Businesses. 

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Stuarts Take

Mighty Recruiter is an online recruitment platform that helps businesses streamline their hiring process and find qualified candidates. It offers a variety of tools, including job postings, resume management, candidate tracking, and applicant communication. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Mighty Recruiter simplifies the recruitment process, allowing employers to focus on finding suitable candidates for their open positions.

Out of 10
Best ForStreamlined Recruitment
Annual DiscountYes

Mighty Recruiter is an innovative web-based solution that helps businesses find and hire the perfect candidate for their open positions.

The tool analyses a job description, stirring up highly qualified candidates.
Then it provides these interested individuals with opportunities to apply online or through other channels like email alerts–allowing employers access anytime when they need someone quickly.

Mighty Recruiter has several valuable features that make it an incredible job site.
The most important is its candidate profiles, which include all the information you need to conduct meaningful interviews and consider hiring decisions carefully.

Key Features:

Mighty Recruiter 1
  • Job Posting: Allows businesses to post job openings on top job boards, including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed, to reach a wider audience.
  • Resume Management: Helps businesses manage and organize resumes from applicants in a centralized location.
  • Applicant Tracking: Enables businesses to track applicants’ progress throughout the recruitment process.
  • Communication Tools: Provides businesses with an efficient way to communicate with applicants, including email templates, interview scheduling, and personalized messages.
  • Customizable Workflows: Allows businesses to create custom recruitment workflows that reflect their unique hiring process.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Offers businesses insights into the recruitment process, including applicant source, time-to-hire, and cost-per-hire.
  • Mobile Access: Offers businesses the ability to access the platform and manage their recruitment process from anywhere, using a mobile device.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 4 1

Smart analysis tool, so your data isn’t just thrown out there without any sense or direction – this helps create strategies based on what matters in terms of success rates, among other things like salary expectations etc.;

Job openings are posted on dozens of free and paid job boards so that the staff in charge can instead put more energy into creative aspects.

Mighty Recruiter is also essential for recruiters using social media, which makes it easy to manage candidate profiles with 20 million+ available candidates at your fingertips.


Mighty Recruiter 2

Mighty Recruiter offers One pricing plans:

  • Basic (Free) – (Phone, Live Chat, Email, Forum/Community, FAQ/Knowledgebase, Social Media, Video Tutorials / Webinar, Dedicated Account Manager).

What I Like/Dislike | About Mighty Recruiter:


  • Time-saving
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Candidate Experience
  • Customizable Workflows


  • Learning Curve
  • Cost
  • Technical Support


Best for Employee Information Management. 

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Stuarts Take

Eddy HR software is a type of human resource management software that helps businesses manage their HR operations.

It provides a range of tools and services to support HR activities, including employee information management, payroll management, benefits administration, performance management, recruitment and onboarding, and compliance.

Eddy HR software aims to automate HR processes and reduce the administrative burden on HR departments, allowing businesses to focus on other important tasks, such as attracting and retaining top talent. The software is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, with features that are easy to use and customizable to meet the unique needs of different businesses.

Out of 10
Best ForEmployee Information
Annual DiscountYes

Eddy is an HR suite built for small local businesses that want to hire, onboard and manage employees with just one easy-to use software.

Former professional basketball player founded the company turned entrepreneur Travis Hansen who recognized the need in 2018 when he saw how many companies were still using old paper-based systems or complicated existing web-based technologies while also being overwhelmed at trying to figure out new processes themselves due their size limitations which can cause delays time complications etc..
The goal? To create something simple but powerful enough so people don’t get stuck.

Job posting management is easy, with Key features that include tracking incoming candidates and a full-scale applicant tracking system.
The onboarding package creates customised instructions for new hires, who can then complete their first few assignments before moving on to more complex tasks or even leading projects themselves.

Key Features:

Eddy 2
  • Employee Information Management: Eddy HR software allows businesses to store, manage, and access employee information, such as contact details, job titles, departments, and salary information.
  • Payroll Management: Eddy HR software provides businesses with tools to manage payroll, including calculating and distributing paychecks, tracking employee time off and leave, and generating tax forms and reports.
  • Benefits Administration: Eddy HR software can help businesses manage employee benefits, including enrolling employees in health insurance, life insurance, and other benefits programs.
  • Performance Management: Eddy HR software can help businesses manage employee performance, including setting performance goals, providing feedback and performance evaluations, and tracking employee progress.
  • Recruitment and Onboarding: Eddy HR software can help businesses streamline their recruitment and onboarding processes, including posting job listings, tracking job applicants, and managing new employee onboarding and orientation.
  • Compliance: Eddy HR software can help businesses stay compliant with local and national HR laws and regulations, including tracking and reporting on employee diversity, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance, and workplace safety.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 7

Eddy provides several features to help manage people and keep track of their hours.
Employees can log into company directories, and store important employee documents in the cloud with secure access for years.
You can create custom PTO policies that suit your needs (including approval or denial) using our full-service payroll system which includes support for multiple pay periods as well W2 preparation & filing during the end year.


Pricing Eddy 2023 02 22 13 53 43

What I Like/Dislike | About Eddy:


  • Streamlines HR processes
  • Increases efficiency and accuracy
  • Improves communication and collaboration


  • Initial setup and customization
  • Cost

Best for Task Management ($8 per month). 

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Stuarts Take is a cloud-based project management and collaboration platform that helps teams organize, track, and manage work in a visual and flexible manner.

With task management, team communication, time tracking, and resource management features, streamlines the work process and helps teams stay on top of their projects. The platform is designed to be highly customizable, with a range of integrations and a visual interface that makes it easy for teams to prioritize, delegate, and follow-up on tasks.

Out of 10
Best ForEmployee Lifecycle
Annual DiscountYes

Monday offers several features to help streamline your business’s data collection process, depending on what you need.

With 200+ pre-built templates and an easy installer that allows users with existing spreadsheets or other formats to upload them seamlessly into their system in only minutes (not hours), monday is the perfect choice for any small company looking for efficient ways to make information accessible across departments quickly & easily.

Monday’s system is a great tool for any company looking to improve its hiring process.

By using Monday’s platform, employers can create templates that streamline the entire recruitment cycle – including recruiting and onboarding efforts as well as feedback from new hires about how they felt on joining your organization (or not).

Key Features:

Monday 1
  • Task Management: Manage tasks and projects easily, including tracking progress, assigning responsibilities, setting deadlines, and more.
  • Team Communication: Collaborate with your team in real time through comments, mentions, and updates.
  • Time Tracking: Keep track of the time spent on tasks and projects, including billable hours, to help you stay on top of your time and budget.
  • Resource Management: Allocate resources and manage team workloads more effectively by visualizing capacity and availability.
  • Custom Workflow: Create custom workflows that match your team’s unique processes, including automating repetitive tasks and streamlining processes.
  • Integrations: Integrate with a variety of other tools and apps, including Google Drive, Slack, Trello, and more.
  • Visual Dashboards: Get a real-time overview of your projects and tasks through visual dashboards, including Gantt charts, calendars, and kanban boards.
  • Mobile App: Stay connected with your team and work on-the-go with the mobile app for iOS and Android.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 10

This means less time spent manually configuring information into various systems while saving money by having one comprehensive document containing all relevant data in three easy steps.

Monday’s mission is to make work life easier by integrating all aspects of your business in one place.

They do this with a comprehensive range of tools like Google Drive, LinkedIn and Slack so you can focus on what matters most- growing revenue while reducing time spent managing tasks.


Monday 2 offers three pricing plans:

  • Individual (Free) – (Up to 3 boards, Unlimited docs, 200+ templates, Over 20 column types).
  • Basic ($8/Month) – (Unlimited free viewers, Unlimited items, 5 GB file storage, Prioritized customer support).
  • Standard ($10/Month) – (Timeline & Gantt views, Calendar view, Guest access, Automations (250 actions per month), Integrations (250 actions per month)).
  • Pro ($16/Month) – (Private boards and docs, Chart view, Time tracking, Formula column, Dependency column, Automations (25,000 actions per month), Integrations (25,000 actions per month)).

What I Like/Dislike | About


User-friendly interface


Real-time collaboration


  • Steep learning curve


Best For Health Care Professions ($49 per month). 

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Stuarts Take

OpenHMRS is an open-source electronic medical record system designed to support health care providers in managing patient data and care.

It is a web-based platform that provides tools for clinical documentation, patient tracking, and reporting. OpenHMRS provides an interface for capturing and organizing patient information, including demographics, medical history, and treatment plans.

The system is customizable and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of different health care facilities.

Its open-source architecture can be easily integrated with other health IT systems, providing a unified platform for managing patient data and improving care coordination.

Out of 10
Best ForMedical Professions
Annual DiscountYes

I love that Open HRMS provides various features to suit any business’ needs.
You’ll find modules designed explicitly for managing attendance, vacation payments and more – all at your fingertips.

The organization is easy enough so you can pick what works best without getting overwhelmed on unnecessary functions or capabilities. This makes this software perfect forike mine ( staffed with fewer than 100 employees).

Key Features:

  • Clinical Documentation: OpenHMRS provides tools for documenting patient information, including medical history, examination findings, and treatment plans.
  • Patient Tracking: The system allows health care providers to track patients over time, recording changes in their health status and monitoring the progress of their treatments.
  • Reporting: OpenHMRS provides robust reporting capabilities, enabling users to generate patient lists, track clinical outcomes, and monitor the performance of the health care facility.
  • Customization: The system is designed to be highly customizable, with a modular architecture that allows users to add new functionality or adapt existing modules to meet specific needs.
  • Integration: OpenHMRS is designed to integrate with other health IT systems, providing a unified platform for managing patient data and improving care coordination.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it accessible to both health care providers and patients.
  • Data Security: OpenHMRS is designed to protect patient privacy and ensure the security of sensitive medical information. It includes features such as role-based access control and data encryption.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 13

The organization is easy enough so you can pick what works best without getting overwhelmed on unnecessary functions or capabilities. This makes this software perfect for small businesses like mine ( staffed with fewer than 100 employees).
The open-source nature of the tool makes it easy to download, install on your own server and manage without paying anything.



Open HMRS offers three pricing plans:

  • Package 1 ($49/Month) – (Up to 50 Users, Attendance, Leave Management, Employee History, Custody, Employee Appraisal, Legal Actions).
  • Package 2 ($59/Month) – (Up to 50 Users, Attendance + Attendance Regularization, Bio-metric Integration, Mass Mailing on Attendees, Timesheet and Project, Project Rating, Leave Management).
  • Package 3 ($79/Month) – (Up to 50 Users, Payroll, Payroll-Payslip Reporting, Bio-metric Integration, Mass mailing on Attendees, Leave Management, Employee Shift Management, Employee Gratuity Settlement).

What I Like/Dislike | About Open HMRS:


  • Open-Source
  • Customization
  • Integration


  • Technical Knowledge
  • Limited Support

Bitrix 24

Best for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses ($49 per month). 

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Stuarts Take

Bitrix24 is a cloud-based collaboration platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a range of features including project management, CRM, HR management, and communication tools, such as team messaging, video conferencing, and task management.

Bitrix24 provides users with a centralized location to store, share, and manage all business-related information, making it an effective tool for improving productivity and streamlining work processes. It offers a free basic version and paid versions with additional features and capacity.

Out of 10
Best ForSmall Business
Annual DiscountYes

Bitrix24 is a powerful yet easy to use HR system for small business owners.
The software offers all of the features that larger companies need in their own human resources departments including an employee directory and timekeeping services with automatic payroll calculations based on your staff’s work hours recorded directly into Bitrix.

You can also keep track of documents securely through this platform which will save you both money by reducing unnecessary paper burns (or worse) as well as provide peace-of-mind knowing everything has been documented correctly from beginning till end – even if there were mistakes along the way because who wants sweat getting caused over something manageable at least.

The self-service HR portal is one of my favorite features because employees can use it to access basic functions without needing someone from Human Resources.
For example, you set up workflows for vacation requests and business trip permissions.

Key Features:

Bitrix 24 1
  • Project Management: Bitrix24 provides tools for creating tasks, scheduling appointments, setting deadlines, and tracking progress. It also allows users to assign tasks to team members, set dependencies, and create Gantt charts to visualize progress.
  • CRM: The CRM system in Bitrix24 helps businesses manage customer interactions, track leads and sales, and analyze customer data. It also integrates with other tools such as email, telephony, and marketing automation.
  • HR Management: Bitrix24 provides HR tools for managing employee data, including job postings, resumes, and onboarding processes. It also includes time tracking and absence management features.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Bitrix24 includes team messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing capabilities, making it easy for team members to communicate and collaborate.
  • Social Intranet: Bitrix24 provides a social intranet for businesses, where employees can share news, updates, and ideas. It also includes features such as calendars, forums, and polls to encourage collaboration and engagement.
  • Mobile App: Bitrix24 offers a mobile app that allows users to access their business data and collaborate with team members on the go.
  • Integration: Bitrix24 integrates with a wide range of third-party tools, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Zapier, making it easy to integrate with existing workflows.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 17

Bitrix24 is an excellent choice for small businesses with the basics covered.
It has all of your CRM needs, including human resources and scheduling tools that you need to manage employees or clients more effectively on their own terms – without any additional fees.

A premium plan will get access not just in one area but across every part BitriX offers which includes almost everything else imaginable: unlimited users; real-time chat features so team conversations don’t stop when someone goes off task.


Bitrix 2

Bitrix 24 offers three pricing plans:

  • Free – (Chat, HD Videocalls, Calendar, Company workspace, Feed, Knowledge base).
  • Basic ($49/Month) – (Chat, HD Videocalls, Calendar, Company workspace, Feed, Knowledge base).
  • Standard ($99/Month – (Chat, HD Videocalls, Calendar, Company workspace, Feed, Knowledge base) .

What I Like/Dislike | About Bitrix 24:


  • All-in-One Solution
  • User-Friendly
  • Affordable


  • Learning Curve
  • Limited Scalability


Best for Time Off Management

Copy of Add a subheading 200 × 200 px 300 × 66 px 6

Stuarts Take

HR.MY is a human resources management platform providing businesses with tools and services to streamline HR operations. With HR.MY, companies can manage employee information, benefits, payroll, time off, and performance reviews in one centralized location.

The platform is designed to simplify HR processes and help organizations make informed decisions by providing real-time data and insights. It also offers customizable features to meet the unique needs of different businesses, making HR.MY is a versatile and cost-effective solution for HR management.

Out of 10
Best ForTime Management
PriceGood Overall
Annual DiscountYes

HR.My is the perfect tool for small businesses who want to manage their employee data in an easy-to use, secure cloud based system without paying a dime!

You get all of our features at no cost with unlimited users plus there are never any maintenance or setup fees on top of it being so flexible – you can even access HRmyfrom anywhere through web browser technology like Chromebook (which means your team will be able see what they need when needed).

The free version of the tool requires some ads, but they don’t affect the functionality and can be turned off if you want.

Key Features:

My HR 1
  • Employee Management: HR.MY allows you to manage employee information, including personal details, job information, and emergency contacts.
  • Payroll Processing: The platform provides a comprehensive payroll system that automates the calculation of salaries and tax deductions, and generates payslips for employees.
  • Time Off Management: HR.MY makes it easy to manage employee leave requests and approvals, with the ability to set different leave policies for different departments or employee groups.
  • Performance Appraisal: The platform provides a system for conducting regular performance evaluations, with customizable appraisal forms, goals, and ratings.
  • Benefits Management: HR.MY enables you to manage employee benefits, including insurance, bonuses, and retirement plans.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The platform provides real-time data and insights, allowing you to make informed decisions about HR policies and practices.
  • Compliance: HR.MY helps you stay compliant with local employment laws and regulations, by providing relevant information and tools to ensure compliance.
  • Mobile Access: HR.MY is available on mobile devices, so you can manage HR processes on-the-go, and employees can access their information and request time off from their smartphones.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 18

Contributions towards its crowdfunding campaign will give users additional file storage as well.
HR software is the lifeline for any modern business.
It’s full of features that will help you manage your payroll, track employees’ time and attendance signatures on their computers or pads alike- there are even expense reports so managers can see how much money goes out every month.

Pricing: Sign Up Employer Account 2023 02 22 15 37 09

What I Like/Dislike | About HR.MY:


  • Centralized Management
  • Streamlined Processes
  • Customizable Features


  • Learning Curve
  • Limited Integration

Snap HRM

Best for Easy to Use Platfom ($8 per month). 

Copy of Add a subheading 200 × 200 px 300 × 66 px 1 1

Stuarts Take

With Snap HRM, you can manage your entire workforce from one easy-to-use platform. Create an employee database, and track attendance & vacations with ease.
The HR team at your company can use this system to create job listings that are shared on third-party platforms.

Out of 10
Best ForEase of Use
Annual DiscountYes

With Snap HRM, you can manage your entire workforce from one easy-to-use platform. Create an employee database, track attendance & vacations with ease.
The HR team at your company can use this system to create job listings that are shared on third-party platforms.

Applicants will be able to register interest in the positions and move through different screening stages as they apply, all automatically.

This is an awesome tool for businesses with small teams because it saves time when you’re looking to grow quickly without overloading resources or getting lost under mountains of paperwork

Key Features:

snap 1
  • Purpose: Writing serves a specific purpose, such as informing, persuading, entertaining, or expressing personal thoughts and feelings.
  • Organization: Writing is structured and organized, with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Language: Writing uses clear and concise language that is appropriate for the intended audience.
  • Grammar and Spelling: Effective writing requires proper grammar and spelling, as these are key indicators of the writer’s ability and attention to detail.
  • Tone: The tone of writing can vary, depending on the purpose and audience. It can be formal, informal, serious, humorous, or any other appropriate tone for the situation.
  • Creativity: Writing can also be a form of creative expression, with the writer using their imagination and storytelling skills to craft a compelling narrative.
  • Revisions: Writing often involves multiple revisions, as the writer continues to refine and improve their work.
  • Audience: Writing is written for an intended audience, and the writer must consider the audience’s needs, interests, and level of understanding when crafting their work.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 5 1

The Recruitment Management System (RMS) enables organisations from both large firms that need more manpower yet still have limited access due to their size;or smaller companies expanding rapidly–to identify talent quickly while also maintaining control over recruiting efforts.

SnapHRM is an affordable and easy-to-use employee management software that gives you complete control over your business without any live support.
It’s free for small businesses, but there’s a fee starting at $8 per month if you have more than five employees!


Snap 2

Snap HRM offers three pricing plans:

  • Free – (All SnapHRM modules, Regular updates).
  • Basic ($8/Month) – (All SnapHRM modules,a Regular updates, Custom Domain, Unlimited Inactive employees, Chat support).
  • Standard ($24/Month) – (All SnapHRM modules, Regular updates, Custom Domain, Unlimited Inactive employees, Chat support).
  • Premium ($39/Month) – (All SnapHRM modules, Regular updates, Custom Domain, Unlimited Inactive employees, Chat support).

What I Like/Dislike | About Snap HRM:


  • Self-expression
  • Communication
  • Improves cognitive skills


  • Time-consuming
  • Requires effort


Best for Biometric Authentication ($5 per month). 

Copy of Add a subheading 200 × 200 px 300 × 66 px 6 1

Stuard Take

FingerCheck is a cloud-based human resources and time tracking software that helps businesses manage employee attendance, schedules, and payroll. It provides features such as time clock, scheduling, biometric authentication, and customizable reporting. The software can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, and is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses in various industries.

Out of 10
Best ForOverall Web Hosting
PriceOverall Web Hosting
Annual DiscountOverall Web Hosting
PromotionOverall Web Hosting

Fingercheck is the perfect solution for your HR needs.
With their extensive feature set that includes recruitment, payroll processing and scheduling software, to name just a few of what they offer, it’s never been easier or more convenient than now with this one stop shop.
FingerCheck offers not only great features but also affordable prices in order to make sure you can afford them every month without breaking the bank – unlike other services out there where pricing goes up after each year mark (which would mean higher monthly costs).
Bona-fide HR professionals will tell you that onboarding is one of the most vital components to creating successful employees.
That’s where Fingercheck excels! It creates a series an exercise for new hires, helping them get up and running quickly with their responsibilities as soon as possible so they can begin making an impact on company culture right away.
The whole onboarding process, including signing forms and monitoring progress, can be done via the mobile app.

Key Features:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 18 1
  • Time tracking: Allows employees to clock in and out using a time clock or mobile app, and track their hours worked.
  • Scheduling: Enables managers to create and manage employee schedules, track employee availability, and send shift reminders.
  • Biometric authentication: Provides secure and accurate time and attendance tracking through fingerprint or facial recognition.
  • Payroll management: Automates payroll processes, calculates taxes, and generates payroll reports.
  • Employee self-service: Allows employees to view their schedules, request time off, and manage their personal information.
  • Customizable reporting: Provides a variety of pre-built reports, and allows users to create custom reports to meet specific business needs.
  • Compliance: Helps businesses comply with labor laws and regulations, such as overtime and break rules.
  • Mobile access: Allows managers and employees to access the software from any device with an internet connection, including smartphones and tablets.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 20

Your team will find all they need for compliance in one place with this tool that generates documents automatically or allows you to upload relevant paperwork yourself.
Fingercheck offers an affordable way to integrate HR and to account with third-party tools like QuickBooks.
Their monthly subscription is only $8 per employee, making it easy for you manage finances while also keeping track of how much vacation time has been utilized.


Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 19

FingerCheck offers three pricing plans:

  • Time & Attendance ($5/Month) – (Time Tracking & Employee Attendance – Advanced Multiple Clock-in Methods, Time Off, Accuracy & Efficiency, Reporting).
  • Starter ($8/Month) – (Onboarding (Basic), Time Tracking & Employee Attendance (Basic), Multiple Clock-in Methods, Time Off, Accuracy & Efficien).

What I Like/Dislike | About FingerCheck:


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Scalable
  • Time-saving
  • Accurate


  • Cost
  • Internet dependency

Bright HR

Best for Employee management

Copy of Add a subheading 200 × 200 px 300 × 66 px 7

Stuarts Take

BrightHR is a cloud-based HR software that offers tools for managing employee data, time off requests, shifts, and HR processes. It aims to streamline HR tasks and improve communication between managers and employees.

It also offers features like absence management, performance tracking, and document storage, all in one platform.

Out of 10
Best ForEmployee Management
Annual DiscountYes

Human resource management software that’s easy to use?
We’ve got your back! With solutions designed for the UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australian markets alike you’ll be able to get things done without hassle.

The employee hub is an easy way to manage your employees.
You can create profiles for new members and add them at the relevant team. Each profile contains all necessary information about that individual’s annual leave balance or absence from work to avoid missing out on potential productivity due do absences.

The most useful feature in this app is that it has a calendar where you can see who’s going on leave, giving your employees peace of mind knowing they won’t miss out.
You can also create rotas for each employee who shows them when their work day starts and ends so there are no surprises.

Publishing these schedules publically couldn’t be easier; the tool notifies relevant staff members automatically whenever something changes or gets published alongside its new schedule- all without needing any technical skills at hand.

Key Features:

Bright HR 1
  • Employee management: A central location for employee data, including personal details, contact information, and job history.
  • Time off requests: Allows employees to request time off and managers to approve or deny requests.
  • Shift scheduling: Schedule and manage employee shifts in a visual calendar.
  • Absence management: Track employee absences, including sick leave, vacation time, and other time off requests.
  • Performance management: Set goals and track progress for individual employees.
  • Document storage: Store important HR documents in a secure, central location accessible to authorized personnel.
  • Reporting: Generate custom reports on employee data, time off requests, and other HR metrics.
  • Mobile app: Access BrightHR from any device, including smartphones and tablets.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 21

Whether you’re a small or large company, there are plenty of ways to manage your workforce with BrightHR.
You can set up automatic clock-in and out tracking in the app and approve expense reports without ever having an employee come into their office.
The pricing starts at about $4 per month for basic features like paychecks/hours worked on file.
If that doesn’t sound like enough protection against mistakes, then consider one of our higher plans which offer even more coverage (starting around 6$).


Bright 2

What I Like/Dislike | About Bright HR:


  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving
  • centralized employee data


  • Cost


Best for Fast Transaction Times

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Stuarts Take

Sapling is a scalable and secure blockchain that is designed to facilitate fast and efficient transactions. It uses a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, which means that users can participate in securing the network and earn rewards by staking their tokens.

Sapling also features a governance system that allows token holders to propose and vote on changes to the protocol. The project aims to provide a platform for building decentralized applications and supporting new use cases for blockchain technology.

Out of 10
Best ForGovernance System
Annual DiscountYes

Sapling is an excellent option for young and growing companies that need to integrate HR with multiple different tools.

It can easily shift from using Google Drive, Asana or Xero, depending on what system your business needs at any given time, without sacrificing functionality because it integrates all of them seamlessly.

The tool not only helps you manage your employees, but it also streamlines processes and workflow for different HR functions.

For example – create an onboarding workflow that guides new hires through all their tasks online without input from anyone in the office.

Key Features:

Sapling 1
  • Scalability: Sapling is designed to scale efficiently, with the ability to handle a large number of transactions per second.
  • Security: The blockchain uses a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm that provides high security and immutability.
  • Governance: Sapling has a governance system that allows token holders to propose and vote on changes to the protocol.
  • Flexibility: The blockchain is flexible and can support various types of decentralized applications and use cases.
  • Fast transaction times: Sapling offers fast transaction times, allowing for quick and efficient transfers of value.
  • Low transaction fees: Transactions on the Sapling blockchain are generally low-cost, making it an affordable option for users.
  • Interoperability: Sapling is designed to be interoperable with other blockchains, enabling the exchange of assets and information across different networks.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 24

This saves team members time while ensuring workers stay focused on the task at hand; making sure everything runs smoothly should be top priority if we want our business to run efficiently
Sapling also has features for managing time off, payroll, people admin, and offboarding. It doesn’t advertise pricing, but you can contact the company for a quote.


Sapling 2

Sapling offers three pricing plans:

  • All in One (Contact Us) – (Everything in People Ops Platform plan, Recruit, Perform).
  • All in One (Contact Us) – (Everything in People Ops Platform plan, Recruit, Perform).
  • All in One (Contact Us) – (Everything in People Ops Platform plan, Recruit, Perform).

What I Like/Dislike | About Sapling:


  • Scalable and efficient
  • Secure
  • Flexible


  • Newer technology
  • Limited adoption


Best for Time Tracking ($40 per month). 

Copy of Add a subheading 200 × 200 px 300 × 66 px 9

Stuarts Take

Gusto is a cloud-based human resources and payroll management software that helps small and medium-sized businesses streamline their HR processes. It offers features such as onboarding, time tracking, benefits management, compliance, and reporting, all in one platform.

Gusto aims to simplify HR tasks for employers and improve the employee experience by providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Out of 10
Best ForTime Tracking
Annual DiscountYes

HR management software is essential for any company looking to manage their human resources.

With Gusto, you can set up payroll quickly and easily track time spent on different tasks so that employees know what they’re owed in terms of pay or unpaid absences without hassle.

The benefits management tools also help employers create financial schemes such as employee savings plans, which will grow with each paycheck thanks to automatically inflowing funds into them throughout the year, just like traditional bank accounts would do – but better because this process doesn’t require monthly fees either way (unless desired).

A concierge service is a great option for businesses without dedicated HR expertise.
This provides access to team members who can offer advice and help you stay compliant with relevant regulations through phone or email conversations, and guided training sessions on how best to handle new hire questions/problems as they arise in your organization’s culture – all at no extra cost!

With the help of this amazing tool, you can easily manage your employees’ payroll and accounting needs.

Key Features:

Gusto 1
  • Onboarding: A streamlined process for new hires to complete necessary paperwork and forms online.
  • Payroll: Automated payroll processing, tax calculations, and direct deposit for employees.
  • Benefits Administration: Management of employee benefits such as health insurance, 401(k), and commuter benefits.
  • Time Tracking: Tracking of employee work hours, time off, and overtime.
  • Compliance: Tools and resources to help ensure HR compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.
  • HR Resources: Access to a library of HR forms, policies, and documents.
  • Reporting: Customizable reporting and analytics to help businesses make informed decisions.
  • Mobile App: A mobile app for both employers and employees to access HR and payroll information on-the-go.

User Experience:

Copy of Add Image here Dimension 750x354 29

With many different integration options available like Asana for project management or Zoho Books to keep track on time cards.
Gusto will be able to accommodate whatever workflow is needed in order succeed today.
The cost per user ranges from $6 monthly with no base price up front (for those who need only basic functions) all way over into professional service packages at around 12/person month which provide much more extensive functionality such as tax forms filing etc.


Gusto 2

Gusto offers three pricing plans:

  • Simple ($40/Month) – (Full-service single-state payroll including W-2s and 1099s, Employee profiles and self-service, Basic hiring and onboarding tools, Gusto-brokered health insurance administration).
  • Plus ($60/Month) – (Full-service multi-state payroll including W-2s and 1099s, Next-day direct deposit, Advanced hiring and onboarding tools, PTO management and policies, Time tracking and project tracking).
  • Premium (Contact Us) – (HR Resource Center, Compliance alerts, Access to certified HR experts, Full-service payroll migration and account setup, Health insurance broker integration, R&D tax credit discount, Waived fees and exclusive pricing).

What I Like/Dislike | About Gusto:


  • easy to use and intuitive interface.
  • Provides a comprehensive set of features for HR and payroll management.
  • Excellent customer support.


  • Limited customization options for payroll and benefits.
  • Occasional glitches or technical issues with the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Look For In HR Software?
The right HR software can make your life easier by freeing you from worrying about payroll, benefits administration, etc.

The key to finding this kind of package is looking for high-level considerations such as ease-of use that will allow everyone in an organization access without much difficulty or confusion on their end.

HR 2

Integration with other programs so data gets pulled together effectively no matter where it came from originally – whether through human resources systems like payslips (or even paper-based), online forms etc.;

Scalability means if needs change down the line, everything works fine without having too many extra processes layered upon top of one another.
What Are The Most Useful Features?
HR software can be highly customizable, with plenty of different options out there to fit your company’s specific needs.
But we believe certain features benefit any case and will help you run a better business.

Employee Portal
The employee portal is a great way to give your staff direct access for reviewing important documents, seeing their schedule and tracking training.
They’ll only be coming through this one window so it makes sure that all serious business gets taken care of quickly without any unnecessary hassle from both sides!

HR 3
Best HR Software 2023

Analysis Of Data
HR software is the best way to manage and analyze your human resources.
It allows you not have export all of this data, but instead store it in one place so that looking at certain information becomes much easier than before – like what discipline was used on an employee? Or how many times they were late last year.

The function behind great technological advancements are usually very useful when applied within business settings; however, there’s another side effect that often goes unnoticed by company leaders: improvements regarding transparency between employees (and later managers) alike.

Time Management
Automated time management allows employees to easily plan their workday and get the most out of every day.
The best software is able to let teams share a calendar so that someone doesn’t have log in separately for each team or department they belong too.


It also provides attendance alerts which helps reduce absences because you’ll always know when someone has left early without telling anyone else ahead of time

Learning Opportunities
Learning opportunities are a huge reason for employee engagement.
With the help of HR solutions, your company can provide employees with learning modules to keep them engaged and to grow in their careers.

What Are The Key Requirements For Your Business?
Core HR software is a great way to streamline your company’s human resources department.
It can solve problems in three basic areas-
Finance, accounting.
Hiring/boarding employee.
Employee performance data (such as how much time they spend on the phone); attendance management or tracking work hours for exempt vs nonprofessional staff members.

What are your company’s priorities?
Where do you need help with efficiency, and where is it easy for you to achieve success in that area of focus.

Once we know which areas need our attention most thoroughly – like customer service or product development- then make a list of features/needs from each category so they can all get equal consideration when planning out how best to spend resources on improvement projects.

Your company’s technical requirements are essential for many reasons.
For example, you may need to store employee records with certain information in order properly process them or if your HRMS software is going be used by international employees who speak different languages than what was installed on their computer at home country of origin – this should also make its way onto the list.

To Conclude
Introducing new software into an organization can be challenging, but it’s also vital to success.
That’s why we recommend that you involve your employees in this process as much as possible and make sure they know about any launch details from early on!